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Girl Scouts' Highest Awards

Highest Awards

Bronze. Silver. Gold. These represent the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn.

All three awards give you the chance to do big things while supporting an issue you care about. You might plant a community garden at your school or inspire others to eat healthy foods for your Bronze, advocate for animal rights for your Silver, or build a career network that encourages girls to become scientists and engineers for your Gold. Whatever you choose, you’ll inspire others (and yourself). 

  • Girl Scout Bronze Award pin
  • Girl Scout Silver Award pin
  • Girl Scout Gold Award pin

Also a given: as you earn one of Girl Scouts’ highest awards, you’ll change your corner of the world—and beyond. The possibilities are endless.

Want to see what Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award Girl Scouts have done to earn these important recognitions? For inspiration, check out examples via Girl Scouts of the USA’s Map It: Girls Changing the World.


Click on the different awards to learn everything you need to know about earning Girl Scout Gold, Silver or Bronze. For the Silver and Gold Projects Submissions, you will find informtion and online forms you need under the subpages Steps to Silver and Steps to Gold.

If you should have any questions about the process for starting your Highest Awards work, please contact the GSSNE Council Office at 401.331.4500.

Share Your "Go Gold" Story!

Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England is collecting stories and we want to hear from you! Tell us about your Gold Award project and share how "going gold" made a positive impact in both your life and the life of others. Email Sarah Cholewa with details and it may be used as an example of all the good our Gold Award Girl Scouts do for those in our community!

Show the community your company cares. Contact Jill Martens in Fund Development for information about sponsoring the next Shine Ceremony in 2018! Or feel free to check out our Sponsorship Packet online! You could sponsor the future of successful women everywhere.