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Program Boxes for Troops


Are you looking for new program ideas and the supplies to deliver the program? If you are looking for new program ideas, then these Program Box rentals are just the thing for you!

A Program Box is a troop friendly box for K-12 Girl Scouts to dive into to help complete badge or patch requirements, celebrate Girl Scout days, plan special ceremonies or explore ideas for just plain fun.

To borrow one of these boxes, you may use our new online reservation system! Click here  to submit your request!

Just as a friendly note, Program Boxes may be borrowed for a two-week period.

Click the arrows to read about each Program Box! You will also find more detailed descriptions through the new reservation link shared above!

Wild Adventures (D/B/J)

Take a hike, go on a compass adventure, use a magnify glass to find tiny objects in the wild! Included in this box are lots of great outdoor activities for your troop. (One Kit available).

Flag Ceremony (All Ages)

A flag ceremony honors the American flag as the symbol of our country and all the hopes, dreams, and people it represents. Materials for a small or large flag ceremony are included. (One Kit available).

Candle Ceremonies (All Ages)

Ceremonies mark special Girl Scout events throughout the year. You can plan a ceremony around a theme, such as friendship or nature that you wish to explore in thought, words, or song. Whatever its purpose, adding a candle element to your ceremony can make it extra special. Please make sure to be extra careful when holding ceremonies with candles. (One kit available).

Vintage Uniforms (All Ages)

Back to the future! We will give you a program box filled with accessories and uniforms that represent Girl Scouts since 1912. You can even have a bit of fun and celebrate Juliette Gordon’s Low’s birthday on October 31st with everyone celebrating a different year in Girl Scouts by wearing these cool uniforms. (One kit available; each kit has (10) outfits with a variety of accessories).

Tinkling Teacups (D/B)

This is a great box with lots of great supplies to host the perfect teacup party with your Daisy or Brownie Girl Scouts! Included are teacup sets, fairy princess skirts, jewelry, wands and much more. We even included a “Madeline’s Manners” movie. (One kit available).

STRONG Girls (All Ages)

Let's get healthy! The Strong Girls Healthy Meeting Patch helps Girl Scouts make healthy habits the norm during troop meetings. Get started at your next meeting and take pictures of the fun by tagging your pictures on our social media pages with #StrongGirls. (One kit available; Strong Girl patches available in our Girl Scout Shop).

Juliette's Treasures (D/B/J)

We love Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low; and we want you to get to know her anytime you wish or celebrate her birthday on October 31st! We have packed this box with activities relating to Juliette Low, the history of Girl Scouting in the USA, vintage girl uniforms and a super fun movie called “Bravery” just like Juliette had to be brave to start the Girl Scouts movement. (One kit available).

Cookie Kit (All Ages)

Each year we have fantastic cookie events to share how cookies are the largest girl-led business with lots of ways to get your girls excited and best prepared to be successful during the cookie season. This box changes every year to reflect a variety of cookie activities and games to get your cookie meeting off to a great start along with the newest cookie season tips and tricks!  (One kit is available).

Sewing 101 (J/C/S/A)

Lots of great patterns and scraps of fabric along with one sewing machine to go are included in this fun box. The best part is we also included lots of other activities such as items to try out like knitting, crocheting or a really cool weaving loom. (Two kits are available).

WAGGGS-World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts (All Ages)

Celebrate global connection with 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scout and 146 countries from around the world with this international experience box. Explore international customs from around the world along with activities, games, songs and resources to share with your troop.  

Snowshoes (All Ages)

Are you a risk taker? We thought so. Take out these really awesome snowshoes that will get you moving in the snow in no time. Don’t let the winter stop your outdoor adventure! Instead get your troop together for a snowshoeing adventure at camp or a local park and then end the day with a hot chocolate party. (Two kits are available; there are 12 snowshoes in each kit).   

Ozobots Kit (All Ages)

Dive into coding! There are so many tech-tastic features within this kit to work with mini robots that read color coded commands to accept directions. Design crazy mazes, have an Ozobot race or just have fun creating different code combinations. (Two kits are available; (6) mini robots are in each kit). 

Canon Camera Kit (J/C/S/A)

Be the professional! Snap pictures at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, a local park, your adventures in Boston or maybe you are having a special celebration at your next troop meeting. This kit includes the camera, USB, battery, extension lens and more. SD cards are limited and not available for each kit so we strongly recommend you purchase a personal SD card.  (Six Kits are available; (1) camera is in each kit).

Go Pro or Go Pro Hero Kit (J/C/S/A)

Are you an outdoor adventure guru? Looking to film and take pictures of something really cool happening with your troop? This is the perfect kit for you! Depending on whether you choose the Go Pro kit or the Go Pro Hero (additional supplies included for extensive outdoor adventure and experience), you can capture a variety of moments with your fellow Girl Scouts. An 8GB microSD card is included though it is strongly recommended to purchase your own microSD to keep for personal use. (2 Go Pro and 2 Go Pro Hero Kits are included; (1) Go Pro Camera per kit).

Corn Hole (All Ages)

Looking for an untraditional game night? We got just the thing! Our local Newport Troop built and donated a Corn Hole set with bean bags and a single board to share this awesome game with other girls. This game is great for indoors or outdoors and is a great way to spice up your troop meetings. (One kit available; 1 board and (8) bean bags).

Selfie Stick Kit (J/C/S/A)

Let’s take a selfie! There are tons of awesome technology pieces for Android and Apple products within this kit that will get you started on building your Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram pages along with additional gadgets to give you special effects to capture your pictures. (Three kits are available).

Team Building (All Ages)

Connection between Girl Scouts is so powerful! We are a united sisterhood that is stronger when we work together and experience life as a group of girls that are growing as one group with many unique voices. This kit will help you build a team through games, activities and SWAPS to keep you growing together forever. 

RoboGirl (B/J/C/S/A)

Robots rock! There are so many sweet skills you can gain from playing with robots including creative thinking, design, mechanics, electronics and programming.  Try out our cool Edison robots that you can program to do all types of activities, experiment with Robots Dream which is a kit that allows you to fully construct the coolest robots ever and more. Build the same robots that help us discover and take pictures of places like the planet Mars!  (One Kit Available)

Girl Code (All Ages)

Break into the world of code with this awesome box that allows you to build computers, download apps to explore computer science games and activities, and take on code in a whole new way! This tech kit will give you ideas to throw a code party and dive into the world of computer science. (One Kit available)

Snip, Snap Circuits (J/C/S/A)

Electrify your mind with our cool circuits program box that has challenging puzzle games, makey-makey banana challenges and shows you the power of electromagnetism. You can even take on our energy conservation challenge by building your very own solar home through a series of electrical circuit creations. This tech kit has several different types of activities to stimulate any mind that is looking for an activity to spark the imagination. (Two Kits Available)

Goldieblox Challenges (All Ages)

 Think big! Solve problems, design things that matter and flex your creative juices in this engineering kit. Design your own creations or challenge yourself to build specific creations with only the picture on the box to guide your next step. This kit will include GoldieBlox free style activities as well as cool themed kits that let you design zip line courses, fling shot contraptions and more! (Two Kits Available)

Light Up STEAM (All Ages)

Be a STEAM fashionista, by crafting your very own light up circuitry bracelet or try out the origami challenges that light up into beautiful creations, all in one box! These might sound easy but prepared to be amazed and try new things in this techy-artist box.  (Two Kits Available) 


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