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Backpacking 201

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Thu May 25, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
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Volunteer Training
Ambassador, Adult Volunteers


Classroom sessions are 5/25/17 AND 6/1/2017 from 6:30PM TO 9:30PM.

Overnight session takes place 6/4/17-6/5/17 at Arcadia Management Area. 

A hands-on training to teach how to take a Girl Scout troop tent camping and hiking. Volunteers will learn about "leave no trace" camping principles, how to cook on a backpacking stove, water purification techniques, food safety and storage, sanitation basics, selection of a three-point camp site and experience carrying a 25-35 pound pack on a two-mile hike. Training is for adults and Ambassadors with accompanying adult. The $50.00 fee covers classroom sessions, manual and site rental and food for the overnight.

Pre-requisites: Physically fit to carry a 25-35 pound pack for two miles. Training: GSSNE Outdoor Day, GSSNE Troop Camp Training, GSSNE CIT 1, VIT 1, Hiking series or equivalent.

Recommended: GSSNE Cooking on the Fly workshop and First Aid/CPR.

If you have questions, contact Charlotte Markey, Outdoor Program Specialist at 401-331-4500 x1419.