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First Aid/CPR

Mon Apr 23, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
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Minium of 4 required to hold course.  Maxium of 10  Open to Senior and Amabassador Level girls

Certification in First Aid/CPR is required for at least one adult accompanying troops/groups on trips or overnight outings; it is recommmended for all other troop activities.  The GSSNE course offers a two-year certification from the American Safety and Health Institue(ASHI).  After registration, volunteers will be sent an email by ASHI with a link to the online training segment.  The online training is comprehensive; be sure and allow enough time to complete it.  You must compete the online training and print off a "Certificate of Completion" before attending a practicum session.  Practicum sessions will be two-hours long and involve working on manikins.