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Wilderness First Aid

Sat Aug 11, 9:00 AM - Sun Aug 12, 5:00 PM
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To take a troop on a hike, a backpacking trip or to an off-trail camping site which is more than 30 minutes from 911, GSUSA requires one adult on the trip must be Wilderness First Aid trained.  ASHI(the American Health and Safety Institute is the certifying organization) has a 16 hour comprehensive course which covers a wide range of rescue scenrios.  The course will be taught over a week-end at a GSSNE camp; the fee covers meals, training materials and manuals.  Certification is for two years.  Pre-requisite:  current certification in First Aid/CPR. 

The fee for this course is $100.00   GSSNE requires a minimum of 4 to hold this course.