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Volunteer Awards/Recognitions

Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England partners with 2,600 trained, dedicated and wonderful adult volunteers who share their time and talent with the girls in our council.

Of course, a smile, a verbal “thank you” or a quick note are terrific ways to let your leader or service team member know you care. But there are also many formal ways to recognize an adult volunteer's achievements.

We are no longer accepting nominations at this time. Thank you for all those that submitted!

Nominations and endorsements for awards are presented to the Volunteer Recognition Committee for approval and selection. Submissions are reviewed by the Recognition Committee, and then if warranted, the Board of Directors. After the Board has approved each nomination, the person nominating the candidate will be notified.

*Special note: All recognition nominations and endorsements were to be submitted online  by March 27, 2017.

For furture questions regarding the recognition process, please contact