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CEI Simulation Week is Here!

It’s an exciting time at GSSNE! 

As you all may know by now, CEI, the Customer Engagement Initiative, ensures that girls and volunteers can join Girl Scouts with ease and the process of becoming a troop leader is completed in a few days instead of weeks. Volunteers and families can find answers and receive support easily, in ways that best fit their schedules and lives. More girls and volunteers return year after year to an organization they love.

The GSSNE CEI Migration Simulation Week is starting TODAY, January 23 and completing Friday, January 27. Our fearless CEI team (Pauline, Meghan, Laura, Jill, Rebecca and Darmelis) will be working with GSUSA every day this week to review data migration, build out the opportunity catalog and perform functional testing in preparation for our rapidly approaching CEI Go Live date of March 3rd

It will be GSSNE Council business as usual with the exception of those staff participating in the Simulation.

The CEI team will have an opportunity to have a final clean up of data (this has been ongoing for the past year) to ensure a smooth transition during production, gain additional understanding and knowledge of Volunteer Systems and review the steps as we aspire to have a seamless transition from migration to production over the next few weeks.

We are in great standing as we countdown to the final month before we Go Live with CEI. 

It’s an exciting time to be part of the Girl Scout Movement!