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Are you the next “ACTive Tech Celebrity?”

Check out this awesome chance to combine STEAM and healthy living in our online challenge event for the month of August that is open to D/B/J/C/S/A!

Discover a sport or movement activity that you want to learn about and start by exploring the purpose, people and passion behind it. Connect with your local troop or neighborhood girls and share your discovery by planning a date to learn, practice and teach others the new skill. Take Action by capturing and submitting a leadership moment through snapping a picture or creating a 10-second video clip that your troop feels best represents what “being a leader”, when getting active, means to you! Guess what? We even have cool tech-equipment you can use at our office!

Find out how to start your challenge today by contacting  Morgan, for more details.

YOUR Challenge starts August 1st

The WINNING SUBMISSION will be chosen based on a “Power-Ups” points system, recognized on our social media websites, and receive the title “ACTive Tech Celebrity”! This challenge could also be helpful for completing journey or badge checkpoints. Each submission should have a hashtag title, such as #ourgirlcan #teachingothers, that represents a value within leadership; and completed “Plan of Action” and “Power-Ups” forms must be submitted to complete your submission.

“Plan of Action” form

Want to earn more Power-Ups? Check out this link to see how your submission can grow strong!