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As we've mentioned in our updates in weeks' prior, GSSNE is going live with CEI on March 3rd. (Exciting!)

Before we dive into the excitement of what the Opportunity Catalog is, we want to remind you of these super important bits of information!

  • The Final dates Memberships can be processed: Online registration can occur through March 3rd
  • Beginning Monday, February 27th until Monday, March 20th you will be unable to register for membership as we will be in migration to production status.
  • From Friday, March 3rd through Tuesday, March 7th all E-Biz account access will be down (registering for program & camp). This function will be back up on March 8th
  • FULL Membership registration functionality returns March 20th with our new system.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we look forward to our new way of working and supporting you, our valued member!

Now, on to the new online Opportunity Catalog!

So, what is the Opportunity Catalog? Great question! The Opportunity Catalog is an online listing of troop openings for girls and volunteer opportunities for adults. When new members join, the catalog is updated in real time. If you stop or get stuck anywhere along the way, the system automatically sends you an email with helpful information!

We've listed lots of helpful Q&A information below. Feel free to click the drop down arrows to reveal the answers to your most pressing questions. (Click HERE for a pdf hand-out version of the Opportunity Catalog FAQs!)

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When will I be able to view the Opportunity Catalog?

This catalog will be available once our final go live transition to CEI is complete, which is March 22nd.

What information is included in an Opportunity Catalog listing?

The listing includes the meeting time, approximate location, the troop number and age/grade level.

We never list the exact location of a troop meeting, but we do give a general sense of the location (a nearby intersection or landmark) to help families select a troop that works best for them.

Sometimes troops choose to include a description that shares their interests, including camping, faith-based, community service or travel, so that girls with common interests can join!

How do I find a troop for my daughter?

Search the Opportunity Catalog by zip code or troop number to find troop opportunities for girls and volunteers.

What is the recommended troop size?

We recommend a minimum of 12 girls per troop to provide a diverse, interactive experience for the girls. Troops with fewer than 12 registered members will be included in the opportunity catalog. If you have more than 12 girls, no problem! Your troop won’t be published in the catalog unless you’re looking to expand beyond the 12 girl minimum!


How do I add a girl to my troop?

All girls join Girl Scouts online and select a troop from the Opportunity Catalog.

For example, if a friend wants to join a specific troop, ask her caregiver to visit and click on “Join Today” on the website home page. The system will walk her caregiver through the steps to becoming a member.

As long as the troop vacancies are on display, new members will find them in the Opportunity Catalog. To make it easy for someone to find a specific troop in the Opportunity Catalog, make sure they have the troop number and enter it with a space between the letters and numbers. (Ex: Troop1 25) 

What if I don’t know the new girl who joined our troop online?

This is perhaps the best part of being a Girl Scout – making new friends!

Since the system is searchable by zip code, we expect that most caregivers will enroll their daughter in the area where they live or near the school she attends. When a new girl joins a troop, the leader will get an email notification.

The automated email will prompt the leader to reach out and welcome the new Girl Scout to the troop. This connection is really important because it serves as a warm welcome and it’s an opportunity to share important next steps, including troop meeting dates, times, and location.

Can a troop opt out of the Opportunity Catalog?

All girls and volunteers join online through the Opportunity Catalog, and so it works best when all vacancies are on display - therefore no troop may opt out of the Opportunity Catalog.

We understand there may be concerns about the new process. Our goal is to help address any concerns you may have during this transition, and we are happy to talk with you about those concerns.

How do I get more adults to join the troop as volunteers?

Because a caregiver will select a troop whose meeting date and time fits their schedules – our hope is that they will be more likely to choose a volunteer role in the troop from opportunities on display in the Opportunity Catalog.

Volunteers do not necessarily need to be the parents of the girl members in the troop; however, all adult volunteers need to become members and need to pass the background screening process.

How do I share vacancies in my troop in the Opportunity Catalog?

To place troop vacancies on display in the Opportunity Catalog, please fill out the Contact Us form on our website. For example, if the desired number of girls is 12, but there are only 10 girls in the troop. Two vacancies may be displayed in the Opportunity Catalog until those spots are filled.

What if I have an opening mid-year?

The Opportunity Catalog is updated in real time, so please let us know whenever you have changes to your meeting location or troop availability. Please fill out the Contact Us form on our website to submit this information!

What happens if girls don’t renew by September 30?

As you are aware Spring Renewal is important.  If any member has not renewed it is possible that their spots will be opened up and on display in the opportunity catalog.