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The clock is ticking down to our go-live transition date of March 3rd and we want to keep the communications coming to you, our valued members!

As we've shared before, the Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) utilizes Salesforce technology, a pretty big cloud based company with a lot of resources for membership registration and customer support. CEI involves the successful implementation of our new website (which we completed in the summer of 2016); an amazing, user-friendly Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) that is designed to help K-5 troops communicate, plan and stay organized; a whole new Customer Care staff team that is prepared to answer almost all of your questions on the spot; and the  Opportunity Catalog within CEI simplifies the process for girls and adults to find troops and volunteer opportunities in their community!  

You'll want to take note of some super important dates that may impact our members while we work our way through this upcoming transition. We wish it was as simple as flipping a switch on March 3rd and everything magically transitioning (that'd be awesome!) but unfortunately, it isn't.

  • The Final dates Memberships can be processed: Online registration can occur through  March 3rd
  • Beginning Monday, February 27th until Monday, March 20th you will be unable to register for membership as we will be in migration to production status.
  • From Friday, March 3rd through Tuesday, March 7th all E-Biz account access will be down (registering for program & camp). This function will be back up on March 8th
  • FULL Membership registration functionality returns March 20th with our new system.

As always, if you've missed any communications related to CEI or want to be sure you are in the loop on anything upcoming, be sure to visit our Customer Engagement Initiative update page! There you will find a complete list of all updates we've shared to date, and a general Q&A section regarding the CEI transition.

Lastly, we know that change can be difficult. This new way of working will not only be new to our members, but for our staff as well! We ask for your patience as we navigate our way through this new system and process of doing things. We may not always have all the answers for you in the beginning, but please know that the ultimate end goal of CEI is to actually be able to find you the answers you need and right when you need them. However, the initial process to get there will require patience both for our members and our staff. As you can imagine, it is a daunting task to have a way of working everyday completely transform! We plan to support our staff 100% in getting them up and running the best we can so that in turn, they can support you - our members - in the best way possible!

Thank you for your patience and for ALL you do to serve our girls and our communities!