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Check out the November edition of S'more News - Donor Edition!

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The third issue of our new and improved S'more News is here. This month we decided to dedicate an issue to those, that in addition to our hard-working volunteers, help make so much of what we do possible - our donors!

Click HERE to check it out!

As we mentioned in the last e-newsletter, we are very excited to share our newest format of S'more News with you. In an effort to keep you up-to-date more frequently—while saving on design and print costs—we have decided to try our hand at this platform and we're having tons of fun bringing e-news to you! If you have any questions about navigating the e-newsletter you can email Sarah Cholewa at the address below, or call her at 401-331-4500 x1311.

In true Girl Scout fashion, we never want to exclude our supporters! If you know of anyone who would prefer a printed copy of our e-newsletter please let us know by emailing Sarah at, be sure to include mailing information. If you would like to download a pdf version, click here

So, are you ready to leap into our November e-newsletter?

Click HERE to read all about it!