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What It Means to Represent Girl Scouts

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It is no secret that we are currently living in a heightened, politically charged climate. The interim CEO of Girl Scouts USA, Sylvia Acevedo, has taken to the GSUSA Blog to share some important insights and thoughts. Her words serve as a reminder to the true mission of Girl Scouts and what our responsibility is as a representative of that mission. It is important as Girl Scout volunteers, staff and overall supporters that we take a moment to read her reminder to us all.

"Girl Scouts is a Movement for ALL girls—a place where girls can, must, and will feel safe to explore their potential, learn new skills, make lifelong friends, and tap into their potential for the leadership that our world so desperately needs. In today’s environment, some of our girls may be experiencing certain pressures and anxieties; they may feel unsure, confused, or even threatened."

The girls in the care of our council, and those families that touch our council as a result, also should feel safe within the reaches of our care.

"Girl Scouts of the USA is here for them. Our role is to support and encourage every girl, not insert ourselves into her spirituality, question her birthplace or family’s country of origin, or concern ourselves with her economic status. We’re not interested in her family’s political beliefs. No matter who she is, she has a home and a safe place at Girl Scouts. What matters is that she is a girl living in our community; a girl with hopes and dreams, ideals, and ambitions that we seek to nurture. Girl Scouts is about the girl she is and the woman and leader she has the potential to become. In today’s hyper-partisan, super-charged world, it’s easy to lose sight of what we stand for as Girl Scouts and what we exist to do."

It is important that when we are acting on behalf of, and representing Girl Scouts - whether at a cookie booth, a community event or any other type of outing where we are associating and representing ourselves with the Girl Scout organization we are not inserting or stating our own political beliefs in conversation. Girl Scouts is a NON-PARTISAN organization, meaning our members must conduct themselves in such a manner when acting on behalf of Girl Scouts. Expressing personal political beliefs, or making derogatory remarks about an opposing political party, while acting on behalf of Girl Scouts is a violation of what Girl Scouts stands for.

"We stand for inclusivity. We stand for unity, patriotism, and a commitment to the country we all share. We stand for the skills and resources that girls need to discover their talents and gain the courage, confidence, and character they need to be leaders. We stand for being honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, and courageous and strong. We stand for sisterhood. And we stand for making the world a better place, one girl at a time."

We thank each and every one of you for your commitment to continuing the mission of Girl Scouts and for upholding the tradition of inclusivity as it has been stated throughout this article. To read the full blog post from Sylvia Acevedo, Interim CEO of Girl Scouts USA, click HERE.