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The New S'mores is a Hit!

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WOW! EVERYONE LOVES S’MORES! Girl Scouts USA knew that when they launched this yummy, marsh-mellowy, graham cracker, chocolate coated cookie as a way of celebrating the Centennial of Girl Scouts selling cookies it would be a hit - but they had no idea it would be off the charts!

As a result, ABC Bakers (our council's baker) has stated that the consumer demand has almost overwhelmed their supply. Incredible! And in some communities within our council reorders are even rivaling those of the Thin Mints! And due to this never-before-seen level of demand, our ABC Bakers is adding to the S'more production to catch up with orders.

Happily, our council will not experience a complete halt to the S'mores cookie supply, rather just a temporary reduction in quantity and/or availability. In an effort to insure there are enough for all our Service Units selling, we have had to reduce the restock orders for other Service Units - which can result in this temporary shortage. But fear not! There are more S'mores on their way! (Girl Scouts take note!)

We are encouraging our Girl Scouts to take orders, so if you are a dedicated Girl Scout cookie fan looking to get your hands on a package of S'mores, don't give up hope. You can still place an order or you can keep an eye open as our Girl Scouts will let you know when “S’mores Are Back!” at their booths.

In the meantime, there are seven other beloved cookie flavors to keep on enjoying (and for our Girl Scouts to keep selling!).

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