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Newport/Middletown Troop 607 Exercise Their Risk-taker Muscles on the Vestas 11th Hour!

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In May of 2015, with a focus on issues that affect the world at large, a troop of girls empowered by their risk-taker attitude and a fearless leader at their helm - Jen McCabe, SUM for Newport/Middletown and troop leader for Troop 607 - worked with her girls to earn their Bronze Award in the area of environmental issues. It was targeted specifically around environmental issues with the ocean.

Jen liaised with the VP of Communications of SCA North America, Susan Michini. As a result, Jen and her Troop were successfully connected to Arborists from the City of Newport and members of the Women’s Sailing team! From there...Troop 607 had an opportunity to meet with members of SCA & women from the sailing team to learn about environmental sustainability.

After a successful Bronze Award experience, the troop continued to sustain the relationship and their learnings! Which brings us to...

This May! Jen and Troop 607 had a tour of Vestas 11th Hour, one of the boats participating in the 2018 Volvo Ocean Race. Toby, part of the shore crew, took the girls from stern to bow and down below to learn about life for the upcoming Volvo Ocean Race.

He showed them how they cook their food (freeze dried!), use the toilet and sleep aboard the vessel. He also showed them how to deal with emergencies like taking on water from getting a hole in their boat by using different hatches they close to isolate the incoming water. They also learned about navigation and weather.

A little extra info about the Vestas 11th Hour! It is an advocate for environmental responsibility. Vestas, is about using wind energy. And 11th hour addresses the concerns about the large amounts of trash floating in our ocean and how we can eliminate it. Troop 607 will be partnering with this group to help with ways they can act locally - which not only makes them risk-takers for exploring new experiences, but leaders too for being ambassadors of change in a local (and global) effort!

Vestas 11th hour left Newport May 15, 2017 for Wales, then is off to South Hampton, UK. They will be back in Newport during the stop over during the race, in May 2018.

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