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Warwick Troop 278 "Making Connections" at Ethan Place!


In 2015, the Girl Scouts in Warwick Troop 278 wanted to go Christmas caroling.  Rikki-lyn, a member of the troop, suggested the they go to a nursing home because the seniors there "don't usually get to interact with many people". This heart warming suggestion was overwelmingly agreed to by the rest of the troop and the rest has become history!

For that first visit back in 2015, the troop decided they would also make some fudge to bring to the residents. In the meantime, Rikki-lyn took initiative and looked at information about the nursing homes in Warwick and chose Ethan Place because of its size. Ethan Place is a small, (30 bed) assisted living residence.  She explained to the girls in her troop that because it was a small facility, it would be easier for the troop to make more personal connections with all of the residents!


During her school vacation, Rikki-lyn worked on her second journey for which she had to pick a Take Action project.  Her theme for her project was “Making Connections” and although she had several ideas, she kept going back to her original experience at Ethan Place.

“I wanted to go to Ethan Place for Easter and continue to go back because they don’t have many visitors”. 

It was then that she proposed to her troop that they “adopt” the residents of Ethan Place, and make visits with them as an ongoing activity! The troop was excited about this idea and planned to visit again at Easter.  During this visit, the girls each “adopted” one or two residents as their “adopted grandmother and/or grandfather”.

More recently, Rikki-lyn had done one of her Cadette journeys and again, took her Take Action project back to Ethan Place.  Her theme for this project was “Breathing Easy”. She saw this as a perfect place to present stating, “A lot of the people there have problems with their breathing like asthma and COPD”. 

She also invited her troop to participate as a separate, troop service project during which they handed out plants Rikki-lyn had grown and played earth friendly games which were made and donated to the residents

As of April 15 , 2017 the girls in Troop 278 have had five increidble visits with the Ethan Place residents and most recently visited again with their Easter gifts and a song program.

It is a Girl Scout like Rikki-lyn that emulates the "Leader" in G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker & Leader)! She truly is the defined model of a Girl Scout leader - she demonstrated empathy and advocated for those in need, while empowering her fellow troop members to take action and make the world a better place for the seniors at Ethan Place.

Way to go Rikki-lyn and Troop 278 for brightening the lives of those at Ethan Place!