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GSSNE is offering Age Level Leader Roundtables for Daisy & Brownie Leaders on January 24, 2018 and for Junior and Up Leaders on January 25, 2018.

These sessions are open to both new and experienced leaders and will count as Age Level Change training.

Discussions will take place with experienced trainers and leaders about the issues that routinely come up and can be examined and discussed in a networking situation.

Each session will have an information component along with a panel of experienced leaders to pass along best practices and tips on how to have a successful and fun troop.

You may either view all the trainings via our Council Events calendar by locating the dates mentioned above, or if you know which roundtable you would specifically like to sign up for, see below for direct links on info and registration!

Age Level Roundtable for Brownie Leaders

Age Level Roundtable for Daisy Leaders

Age Level Roundtable for Junior Leaders

Age Level Roundtable for Cadette, Senior, Ambassador Leaders