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G.I.R.L. Spotlight: Troop 399 Takes on Whitewater Rafting!


If you are looking for a story about risk-takers, then look no further! Manville Troop 399 flexed their risk-taker muscles in true G.I.R.L. form when they took their summer trip to the Berkshires of Massachusetts in late August.

The trip was a culmination of everything the outdoor experience is meant to be  - filled to the brim with adventure, excitement, bonding time over campfires and lots of fun (and safe!) risktaking, confidence building, opportunities.

The troop camped at Mohawk Trail State Forest which had awesome rocks to climb, a river to dip their feet in and some challenging hiking trails too. While there, the girls had an incredible time at the aerial park and on the Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster at Berkshire East resort. Fun fact alert! The Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster is the longest mountain coaster in North America and it was an awesome experience for this bunch of adventure seeking go-getters!  

The real highlight of the trip was the day spent whitewater rafting on the Deerfield River which included the exhilarating Class III rapids of Zoar Gap along with some Class I & II rapids.  The Girl Scouts got to float down the river on their own several times, had an epic water fight between boats on one of the smooth stretches of river, had a picnic lunch, and got to tip their raft vertical (with the help of their guides) which, no doubt, was super fun. 

The entire troop had an amazing time with their raft guides, Max and Simon, who were more than happy to join in on all their camp songs while also adding fun facts about the wildlife and history of the area. The troop even saw 2 beavers and a bunch of beaver dams!  

The pictures really capture the true spirit of the experience had by this group of brave and fearless adventurers who were up for the challenge of something new and outside their comfort zone. We couldn't be prouder of you Troop 399!!!

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