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G.I.R.L. SPOTLIGHT: South County Troop 560 Helps to Reduce Plastic Pollution in Their Communities!

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After a viewing of the movie “A Plastic Ocean” the girls from GSSNE's Troop 560 in South County knew they wanted to take action against plastic pollution. They began by taking their message to their 3rd grade class. At the conclusion of their presentation they gave out over 45 painted “RRR” (recycle/repurpose/reuse) rocks to their classmates to be hidden around town. This was an effort to send the message out to our community as explained via the “South County Rocks” Facebook page.

After speaking with their Principal Elizabeth Mcquire they were able to reduce the use of plastics available in their school cafeteria and implement a “Sort to Save” lunchtime recycle program at their school. They are now working to eliminate styrofoam trays! Outstanding!

In September, this go-getter troop of innovators will lead the way by sponsoring a Save the Bay beach cleanup off Succotash Road near Jerusalem and later in the Fall hope to sponsor the showing of “A Plastic Ocean” at multiple venues in and around South County.

Through their efforts they have learned much about civic responsibility and what is required to implement change on a larger scale. They met with Congressman Jim Langevin back in June and more recently with Senator Whitehouse.

As a result of these important (and high level!) meetings with our State representatives, Troop 560 has been properly educated about current, related legislation and received full, ongoing support by both officials! (thank you Congressman Langevin and Senator Whitehouse!)

At the conclusion of this community project these Girl Scouts will have met the requirements of the Bronze Award, the third highest award in Girl Scouts USA!

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