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Announcing Beyond Camp! 

Beyond Camp registration is now open! Join us for a summer of fun, where you can participate in a variety of virtual camp programs and challenges, experience camp traditions, and make new friends along the way. Each week has a different theme that several of the week's activities will be based on. You can also purchase a Camp Care Package in addition to your camp registration. Each package includes fun Girl Scout items, along with some fun activities to do at home. Register here!

Session Schedules: 

Click the links below to see the schedule for each Beyond Camp session. Each document contains separate schedules for Younger Girls (D/B/J) and Older Girls (C/S/A).

Chase the Rainbow July 6-July 10
Animal Planet July 13-17
Outdoor Skills July 20-24
Master Chef July 27-31
Theater in the Woods August 3-7
Around the World August 10-14


We are looking forward to another summer full of memories in the making!

Are you ready to register? Make sure you have the following info handy so that registration is a breeze. You’ll need:

  1. All camper medical insurance details from your ID card, including carrier, name of insured policy holder, policy/group #s, insurance company phone number, etc.
  2. All information for your camper’s physician, including name, address, phone number
  3. The full names and phone numbers for all individuals that can possibly pick up your camper from camp
  4. The full date of the camper’s most recent tetanus shot, per American Camp Association accreditation standards.
  5. All details regarding any camper medications/prescriptions, including name of drug, dosage instructions, etc.
  6. Parents and guardians reserve the right to review background checks, health care, discipline policies and grievance procedures upon request.

Please also be prepared to enter all of your information in one sitting (of 1 hour or less before system time-out), as our registration platform will not save partial submissions or incomplete entries!