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Hurricanes: Science and Society with URI Inner Space Center

Sat May 06, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST
GSSNE Office Map

Did you know that it's the start of hurricane season? Hurricanes threaten more than 47 million people along the United States coast from Maine to Texas, and the number of people threatened is growing. This program introduces participants to the meteorology and oceanography that drive a hurricane as well as current scientific and technological advances in hurricane forecasts. Using examples from historical hurricanes that have made U.S. landfall, groups will investigate the hazards to people and property, and how to be informed as well as best prepared prior to and during a hurricane emergency.

This program is for Juniors. Cost is $15 per girl.

Please note that there was a typo in the Program Guide -- May 6 (not May 10) is the correct day for this event!