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Girls' Empowerment: Be Prepared! (C/S/A)

Tue Dec 15, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Wed Nov 04, 9:00 AM - Sun Dec 13, 11:55 PM
Virtual, Leadership, Life Skills
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:

Join us as four young women talk about their paths to success and lessons learned along the way regarding flexibility, self-confidence and balancing families and careers. Life as a lawyer, nurse practitioner, military linguist and politician….as well as wife, mother, sister, friend and athlete is challenging, hectic, exciting….and often stressful. Our panelists will share their experiences and then are anxious to talk with you and answer your questions. Panelists include Angela McCalla, Newport City Council member; Bianca Gersten, Attorney for NBC Universal; Sonie Lasker, Military linguist; and Caroline Hanlon, Nurse Practitioner.

Our moderator for this panel is Dr. Joan Johnson-Freese, a recognized expert on space and security issues ranging from the future of human spaceflight to missile defense and anti-satellite weapons. She is a former member of the Space Studies Board within the National Academies of Science, and has written seven books on space issues. Joan is working on her next book, relating to cooperation and competition among women. Joan invites all who are interested (must be 14 years old or above, and an American women) to take the following survey, which will be discussed during the panel: