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Volunteer Awards/Recognitions

Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England partners with 2,600 trained, dedicated and wonderful adult volunteers who share their time and talent with the girls in our council.

Of course, a smile, a verbal “thank you” or a quick note are terrific ways to let your leader or service team member know you care. But there are also many formal ways to recognize an adult volunteer's achievements.

GSSNE’s Adult Recognition Nomination Process is Now Open!

Here’s your chance to nominate an extraordinary volunteer!

Recognitions are based on length and level of service and are awarded progressively. All recognition nominations and endorsements must be submitted online; no paper submissions will be accepted. All nominations and endorsements must be submitted by April 19, 2021 and should be in recognition of service performed 10/1/2019-9/30/2020. For questions regarding the recognition process, please contact

View our Recognitions at a Glance document, then use the forms below to submit your nominations (also linked in the document)! 

Need some help? Check these out:

2020 Volunteer Celebration

Recognizing our adult volunteers is an annual tradition that allows council staff and volunteers to nominate those in the GSSNE community who make extraordinary contributions to Girl Scouts. Depending on the type of recognition being presented, volunteers are traditionally honored at GSSNE’s annual meeting in May or by their service unit. This year we decided to start a new tradition and hold an event where all volunteers can be honored TOGETHER for their outstanding work. The event was originally set to be held in person, however, Covid had other plans, so on Thursday, September 24, 2020, GSSNE held a very special virtual celebration to recognize and thank our 38 extraordinary honorees!


Diana Chaffalo

After delivering a yoga program to the troop six years ago, Diana decided she wanted to stay connected to the Girl Scout program. Despite living so far away, she signed on as a troop support volunteer and for the past 6 years has dedicated her time and energy to Girl Scouting because she believes so deeply in its mission to empower girls.

Emily Laramee

Emily is the owner of the Art Den in Woonsocket has been a consistent and effective partner with the Woonsocket Service Unit. She has repeatedly lent her time, resources, and connections to help with Woonsocket’s Girl Scout recruitment and fundraising efforts and has been an advocate and voice for Girl Scouts.

Judith Potter

Owner of Potter Photography who for almost a decade, Judith has generously provided pro-bono services to troop 360, capturing precious moments of the girls growing up and relentlessly cheering them on.  As this is the troop’s final year, they thank Judith for her committed generous support. 


Ginger Lallo 15 years


Teresa Baldwin

For being an extraordinarily inspirational, professional, committed, role model who continuously looks for ways to enrich the girls' experiences. In addition, she is selfless and can be counted on to fulfill any obligation. 

Amy Cady

For her incredible Girl Scout drive and ambition which is demonstrated by her role as a troop leader, troop support volunteer for 3 troops, and Community Recruitment Champion.

Emily Cush

For her tireless work on behalf of Girl Scouts. Her creative approach keeps girls engaged and her enthusiasm keeps them excited.  She looks for ways to bridge the needs and wants of Girl Scouts with her personal and professional resources and work to make things happen.

Jennifer Field

Because there is no limit to her dedication to Girl Scouts and willingness to make things happen. She continues her family’s Girl Scout legacy by leading by example and through that example, she helps each girl develop her own personal strength, courage, and conviction.

Meghan Ford

Because of her incredible Girl Scout ambition. After having been a troop support volunteer for many years, she stepped into a troop leader role, then quickly accepted the Project Undercover and Cookie Manager role for the service unit. On top of that, she successfully led the service unit to surpass their prior year’s cookie sales despite membership being down.

Erin Gauch

Because of her passion for Girl Scouts, dedication to making things happen, and flexibility to work with every Girl Scout!  She is reliable for advice and good judgment and held in high regard in her service unit.

Shelly Hall

Because she truly embodies what it means to be a Girl Scout and selflessly gives all she has to her troop and service unit whether it’s knowledge, resources, time, energy, or empowerment. 

Becky Kelly

For the outstanding work she does as a troop leader and product program coordinator. Her dedication to her role, and the support and enthusiasm she provides the entire service unit, ensures things run smoothly and everyone enjoys their experiences and success. 

Katie Labonte

Because she goes above and beyond the call of duty in any role she holds. She responds without fail and is thought of very highly by those in the service unit for her kindness, creativity, organization, and dependability.

Dezarae McMillan

For continued dedication as a troop leader and Community Recruitment Champion. She puts her heart and soul into the troop and service unit, and is the embodiment of what a leader needs to be: hardworking, flexible, and kind-hearted always ensuring the girls as much of a comprehensive experience in Girl Scouting as one can give.

CJ Meehan

Because she is an enthusiastic, committed troop leader and an incredible asset to her troop's cookie program. Her dedication, organization, and motivation helps the troop achieve all their goals.  She actively recruits adult volunteers and currently boasts a roster that has 27 adult volunteers registered!  She is a valuable asset to her girls, her service unit, her community, and Girl Scouts as a whole.

Kristen Reid

For her dedication to Girl Scouts in her community.  Her ambition, positivity, and determination have led to new troops, new events, and new community connections. Always ready to step in when and wherever help is needed, she fosters a seamless Girl Scout experience for her service unit where everyone works together and succeeds together. 

Kristina Schrag

For her dedication to building Girl Scouts in her community. As a troop leader, she was instrumental in building the largest active and successful multi-level troop in Providence from the ground up. As Providence’s Community Recruitment Champion, she continued to ensure girls throughout her community could engage in the Girl Scout leadership experience by finding troops for them to join. Her passion to further her troop’s confidence, curiosity, and knowledge is well-respected by her peers.

Linda Tracy

Because she goes above and beyond to meet any Girl Scout need. She’s someone adults and girls can count on to get things done and she does so with enthusiasm and selflessness.  She is seen by her peers as a real example of what it means to be a sister to every Girl Scout.


Amy Almeida

For her creative and innovative approach to making things happen in Girl Scouts. Among other things, she showed exemplary and critical support for a neighboring service unit experiencing struggles during cookie season, and has opened her troop to girls from neighboring service units who were looking for a place to call home. She’s someone her peers can rely on. 

Tammy Ruggieri

Because she’s been an integral part of the development and growth of the community and has made a lasting and indelible impact on Girl Scouts. A case in point is when her service unit’s “Thanksgiving in the Woods” event was close to being canceled because there was no coordinator, she stepped up, grabbed the reigns, and “moved mountains” to make it happen. She’s respected as someone who teaches all Girl Scouts the value of integrity, humility, diligence, and empowerment through her exceptional leadership.


Laurie Boone

Because she is a strong force in the Girl Scout community.  Her leadership is taking people, girls, and her service unit to places not seen before as evidenced in volunteers stepping into leader roles they never thought they’d commit to, troops opening to more girls, and spreading of the Girl Scout presence throughout her community. She exhibits the G.I.R.L in everything she does.

Janine Brown

Because she’s been so instrumental in supporting not only the Newport/Middletown Service Unit through her leadership, but also the extended learning program throughout Aquidneck Island.  She has continually gone above & beyond to provide insight and resources to help GSSNE deliver programming and help grow the overall program.

Marie Cournoyer

Because she has consistently been an active supporter and promoter of all things Girl Scouts. Having filled many volunteer roles through the years, she is someone others can count on to get the job done! She’s viewed as a great advocate for the Girl Scouting movement, and a great role model for what it means to "live by the Girl Scout Law".


Stephanie Desroches

For her unprecedented dedication to creating an inclusive community among the area Girl Scouts. She’s inspired girls and leaders alike to become involved and to continue the traditions and meaning of what a true Girl Scout is. 

Bobbie-Jo Gemma

For her determination to make good things happen for Girl Scouts! Whether it’s taking on a new troop when a leader needed help, finding troops for girls in search of one, creating community events to support troop program, or jumping in to make sure activities go off without a hitch, she is without a doubt, an all-star volunteer and asset to Girl Scouts!

Shelley Lombardi

Because she loyally supports the needs of her community and council with great enthusiasm, incredible attention to detail, and exceptional commitment. Her determination to support goals and fulfill responsibilities is exemplary.

Stephanie Morrison

Because of her unwavering ability to help cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement that allows Girl Scouts to thrive, and become leaders of the future.

Barbara Rocha

For her tireless dedication to Girl Scouts. In everything she does, she strives to ensure the highest quality experience possible. Whether delivering quality trainings or spending endless hours researching and planning, she truly works to make the world a better place and she gives the world her very best self every day. She is an example of what it means to live the Girl Scout way.

Monique Rossignol

For her relentless dedication to empowering Girl Scouts in her community. She is deeply appreciated by all for creating inclusive and compassionate environments where girls can thrive and benefit from experiences that will last a lifetime.  

Pam Scheller

Because of her continued dedication to, and support of Girl Scouts. She chooses to continue serving her Girl Scout community despite her own daughters being grown and no longer in the program. Her commitment to and enthusiasm for the mission continues and she is deeply appreciated by all who work with her.


Jen Belvin

For her fearless leadership and continued dedication to Girl Scouts. She exemplifies the sisterhood of Girl Scouts by including other service units into all of her exciting programs and events. She is always willing to mentor, guide, and share. She constantly gives so much of herself which shows how deeply she cares.

Cyndi Harney (aka chocolate chip)

Because of her incredible value to Girl Scouts. Her relentless dedication to all things outdoors benefits Girl Scouts across the entire council. She’s willingly assisted with updating training materials, re-instituting the Camp Host role, delivering council trainings, and providing reliable council history and advice, and she was instrumental in the museum renovation and re-opening. Her commitment and drive continues to foster friendship, leadership, support, knowledge, and dedication.

Rebecca Reynolds

For the incredible impact she has had in delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and reaching more girls through the various Girl Scout roles she’s had over the years (she’s held just about all the Girl Scout roles one person can hold).  She uses all that knowledge and experience in her roles to ensure council provides the very best experience possible to all Girl Scouts. Her creativity brings Girl Scouts together, her contagious enthusiasm keeps them engaged, and her warm inclusion keeps them coming back. 

Kristin Scribner

For her exemplary service in support of delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, not only within her service unit, but also at GSSNE's extended learning sites and outdoor properties. Through all the roles she serves, she is a great asset in helping GSSNE reach more girls and having a higher impact.

Heather Whitehead

Because of her amazing dedication to her troop, the Attleboro Service Unit, and the entire GSSNE council.  She continues to strive to make a positive difference on behalf of all Girl Scouts and volunteers.  She inspires leaders and staff to do more, and be more for themselves and our Girl Scouts.  She is truly, leading by example.


Linda Fallin

Because for more than 20 years, she’s been an infallible champion and advocate for Girl Scouts, creating affordable activities, fundraising, promoting camp outs and service opportunities, recruiting new members, building strong leaders, and wearing many hats to make sure that Girl Scouts always had everything they needed to be successful. Even in difficult times, she never gave up and could be seen recruiting new girl and adult members to join the ranks, or sharing with others the amazing accomplishments Girl Scouts were achieving. Anyone who has ever talked to her for more than a minute knows how passionate she is for Girl Scouts. The only thing that runs deeper than her love for Girl Scouts, is the lasting impact she’s had on the lives of Girl Scouts.

Louise Moore

Because for over thirty years she has shared her passion to build, encourage and support Girl Scouts. First as a troop leader, then a service unit manager, and now a GSSNE staff person. Deeply committed, she’s remained an active advocate for the Girl Scout mission, her passion has kept her engaged with all things Girl Scouts, and with kind-hearted support she has helped an infinite amount of girls, troop leaders, and council staff ensure girls receive a fulfilling and rewarding Girl Scout experience. She clearly strives every day to be the best person she can be, and because of that, she continues to make a deep and positive impact on Girl Scouts throughout the entire council.

For questions regarding the recognition process, please contact



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