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Volunteer Systems 2.0

Downtime for Volunteer Systems 2.0 (VS2.0) is coming soon: November 18, 2020!

Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England, Girl Scouts of the USA, and all Girl Scout councils across the country will soon be upgrading our membership systems to make them more user-friendly! During fall 2020, we have been sending weekly emails to all members in preparation for these upgrades with information about how this upgrade will affect you. Click the drop downs below to see the content of these weekly emails! 

As we are working hard behind the scenes on preparations for our system upgrade, you may receive automated e-mails from GSUSA regarding your volunteer position being moved or reassigned. Rest assured that these are just due to the upgrades we are making, and that your position is not actually affected by these changes and no action is needed at this time. As a reminder, the only way the system inactivates your volunteer role is by having a lapsed membership or expired background screening(s).

Starting November 18 at 11:59 PM EST, Girl Scouts will begin system-wide updates that will temporarily restrict the ability to complete many volunteer and member related tasks and pause access to:

  • Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)
  • gsLearn (volunteer online training platform)
  • myGS
  • Looker (service unit admin team reporting resource)
  • Background check completion and submission for processing
  • New membership registration/s and membership renewals
VS 2.0 Timeline for Members
October 8, 2020

We hope you’re all doing well and navigating this different start to the school year with your girls the best you can! We know a lot of our girls may still be returning to their classroom hybrid or full time over the next week or so and we’re with you in spirit during this transition!

Speaking of classrooms, did you know that your team of staff at GSSNE have been attending a virtual classroom of their own? Yes, GSSNE has gone back to school in preparation for our upgrade to the brand new Volunteer Systems 2.0! We have mentioned a couple of time over the last few months that changes are coming to what is currently known as your MyGS account and we are hard at work preparing everything on our end for this transition. Over the next month and a half, we will be sending you weekly communications with new information on the update, what it means for you, and any actions that you may need to take with your account as a parent, volunteer or member.

This week we would like to answer the number one question that’s been asked by many members: why the upgrade to VS 2.0?
That answer is simple—to make things EASIER for our members! Your MyGS account will be completely overhauled to a much more user-friendly environment and empower you to manage your family account. Just about four years ago we transitioned to the original VS 1.0 system, but this upgrade will enhance every part of that system from top to bottom and work out any issues that councils have identified over the first four years.

The most important action for MyGS users to take right now is to log in and make sure that your family’s information is up to date. This includes addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, schools, and grades. One of the greatest features of our update will be that primary account holders will be able to identify another user to access the family account. Whether that’s dad, grandma, mom, an aunt, or an older sibling—please be sure to add them to your family account if you would like them to be marked as a secondary contact and have access to manage your girls experience. 

As a reminder, your MyGS account is currently accessed by visiting and clicking the yellow MyGS button at the top right side of the screen. If you have any trouble accessing your account or updating your family’s information, please contact Customer Care at 401-331-4500 or and our team will be happy to assist you!

Thank you ALL for being apart of Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England, and for being just as excited as we are for this big change!

October 15, 2020

Welcome to another Volunteer Systems 2.0 update! This year has really been a year of moving towards the future for us here at GSSNE, from the launch of our e-learning platform  gsLearn and our new Fall Product Program system  M2OS, now to VS 2.0. We know that all of these changes will make your Girl Scout experience all that much more memorable. This week we’re going to talk about two exciting new features coming to the world of Membership.

You’ve asked many times over the years, and GSUSA has listened—Membership Cards will be available in your account by the end of the year! Directly from your household account, you will be able to print individual membership ID cards for each registered member of your family. When this feature has been activated and made available in your account, we will let you know! If you see a discrepancy in your recorded years of membership in your profile, now is the time to have us make the correction. Please e-mail with any updates. Remember: your membership counts even if it was not specifically with GSSNE!

We know every year around May and June that troop leaders or caregivers may want to purchase a Lifetime Membership for their graduating senior, and that the process requires families to go through GSUSA to get this completed. Not once we go live with Volunteer Systems 2.0! Graduating seniors or their caregivers may upgrade to a Lifetime Membership directly from your account portal. This will also be an available feature for new and existing adult members.

We hope you are just as excited as we are for these much-awaited updates! There will be more to come next week and, in the meantime, we are wishing all of our troops and girls the best of luck with the Fall Product Program!

October 23, 2020

Welcome to this week’s Volunteer Systems 2.0 update! Today’s information is brief, but important. We are sharing our current proposed timeline to “Go-Live” as we call it, for VS 2.0. These dates will be important to you as the weeks progress, as our systems will be out of service for a short period of time and we want to ensure that we can assist you prior to our system shutdown. 

VS 2.0 Timeline for Members
October 29, 2020

We are only a few weeks away from launching the new Volunteer Systems 2.0 (VS2.0)! We’ve sent you a lot of information about what’s coming in VS2.0, but if you’re like us, you want more specifics! What will this new member experience look like? How will I find the information I need for my girl or troop? 

Please note that this presentation is intended to give you a preview of the new system and does not reflect all of the enhancements, features and functionality members will enjoy. All screen shots were taken prior to the final development of the system and may appear differently in the final version, but all concepts are the same!

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to check out your current myGS account and make any needed updates before system shutdown on November 18!

November 5, 2020

Earlier this month we shared information about our upcoming system refresh and plans to debut an enhanced member account management system later this fall. It’s true! Girl Scouts is on track to pull back the curtain and Go-Live with myAccount in early December—just a short time away—and we want to make sure that our volunteer and member communities are ready!

The  Member Go-Live Timeline details the schedule from now through Go-Live. While much of the downtime period is set to occur the week of Thanksgiving, a time when troops and volunteers often take a break to be with family and friends, we know that Girl Scouts and volunteers are always on the go and want to make sure that you are aware of the downtime, it’s potential to impact your Girl Scout plans, and steps you can take before November 18th to prevent any surprises.

Please take a moment to review the important information included in this email regarding the system downtime period that will take place in November and what you can do now to prepare. As always, we’ll be here to support you every step of the way!

Starting November 18 at 11:59 PM EST, Girl Scouts will begin system-wide updates that will temporarily restrict the ability to complete many volunteer and member related tasks and pause access to:

  • Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)
  • gsLearn (volunteer online training platform)
  • myGS
  • Looker (service unit admin team reporting resource)
  • Background check completion and submission for processing
  • New membership registration/s and membership renewals

What should you do?
Start by reviewing the  Member Guide for the Upcoming System Wide Refresh which breaks down each of the platforms and processes listed above and what volunteers and members should do before November 18 (11:59 PM EST) to ensure that everything is in order and that you have what you need for any troop meetings or activities on your Girl Scout calendar during the downtime period. Please also note that Go-Live for VS2.0 for members will be Friday, December 3. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to for assistance.

In the coming weeks we will continue to share information and updates with our member and volunteer communities on a regular basis. Please watch for important reminders in future emails and council newsletters.

Thank you for your patience while we work to enhance your Girl Scout member experience.

November 12, 2020

Downtime for Volunteer Systems 2.0 is coming soon!

We are one week closer to our Volunteer Systems 2.0 upgrade and couldn’t be more excited! This is our final week of utilizing our current platforms and websites in their current state. While these platforms will be down, GSSNE is still here for you! Our office will be open normal business hours and staff will be available for all your Girl Scout needs.

A special note for requesting help during downtime: If you are in need of assistance from GSSNE of any kind from November 18, 2020 to December 4, 2020, please direct your inquiry to or call us at 401-331-4500 instead of submitting through our Contact Us form on our website and we will triage your request to the appropriate department. 

Next Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 the following platforms and/or features will no longer be accessible until our Go-Live date of December 4th, 2020:

  • Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)
  • gsLearn (volunteer online training platform)
  • myGS
  • Looker (service unit admin team reporting resource)
  • Background check completion process (for both National Screenings and Massachusetts CORi Screenings)
  • New membership registration/s and membership renewals

In preparation for this temporary shutdown, there are a few things our members should do to prepare:

  • All members: Log into your myGS account to ensure your household has renewed their memberships for the 2021 year. Without a 2021 membership, girls will not be added to the Cookie Program Database (ABC Smart Cookies) which could cause a delay in participation in the program.
  • All members: Check your e-mail to be sure our Membership Team has not reached out to you regarding an expired background screening.
  • Troop Leaders: Download and save your Year Plan from the Volunteer Toolkit, if needed.
  • New or Pending Troop Leaders: Complete any trainings that you have started in gsLearn before November 17, 2020.
  • Service Unit Managers and Community Recruitment Champions: Download any current rosters or reports from Looker that you may need to view.

All members should review the  Member Go-Live Timeline and the Member Guide for the Upcoming System Wide Refresh prior to November 17, 2020. 

If you have questions about our system downtime, or need assistance with any of the items above, please contact us before November 17, 2020.

Yours in Girl Scouting,
Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England