Adult Wellness Workshop: When Things Are Up In the Air, Learn to Fly!
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Adult Wellness Workshop: When Things Are Up In the Air, Learn to Fly!


When: June 3, 2020, from 6:30-8:00 pm 


By nature, we tend to do things that make us feel good, secure and comfortable. Change can make us feel that we've lost control, disrupting that comfort and leaving us with a range of feelings from hope and excitement to anxiety and anger.

When things are up in the air, it’s important we learn to fly!  Join us for this very special hour-long, interactive workshop developed specifically for Girl Scout Volunteers!  Together, we’ll explore how to avoid “floating”, how to identify our direction, how to fly with intent, and how to stay sane while doing it!  A special Q&A session will follow the workshop for those who wish to stay on the call. 

This workshop will be facilitated by Andrea Bastiani Archibald, Ph.D. Psychologist | Strategic Advisor | Executive | Speaker. Andrea was an executive at Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) for over 10 years, where she developed and implemented national strategic initiatives and partnerships to better serve the needs of today’s girls and families. She was the national spokesperson for the organization, authored numerous program resources, and provided the child development expertise that powers the popular Raising Awesome Girls hub on GSUSA’s website.