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Check out our Virtual Programs for girls and volunteers!

Girl Scouts at Home

This school year may look a bit different, but Girl Scouts is still here! We’re adding virtual programs to our calendar each week so you can continue to earn badges, discover, connect, and take action. Check out some of our upcoming virtual programs below and keep an eye on our Event and Program Calendar for more updates.

Volunteer Trainings:

April 12 at 6pm: ASHI First Aid / CPR / AED Certification Training
April 13 at 6:30pm: Your Leadership Compass: A Workshop for Girl Scout Volunteers
April 28 at 5:30pm: Bronze Award Training (J Troop Leaders)
May 5 at 6:30pm: Troop Camp Training (Acorn Group)
May 11 at 6pm: Troop Trips Training
May 18 at 6pm: New Leader Drop-In
May 20 at 6:30pm: Troop Camp Training (Pine Tree Group)
June 8 at 6pm: New Leader Drop-in: Wrapping Up Your Girl Scout Year- What to Know, What to Do

Girl Programs:

Ongoing Feb 1-April 30: CodeCampKidz: Think Like a Programmer Journey (C/S/A)
April 14 at 4:30pm: Gold Award Training
April 27 at 5pm: Yours, Mine and Ours – Building Healthy Money Relationships (C/S/A/Adults)
April 29-May 2 (multiple occurances): Virtual Girl Scout Days with the National Constitution Center
May 3 at 4:30pm: Food Explorers: Baking (B/J/C)
May 12 at 5:30pm: Silver Award Training (C)
June 16 at 5pm: Girl Advisory Board (C/S/A)

Beyond Camp (Virtual Summer Camp)

Join us for a summer of fun, where you can participate in a variety of fascinating virtual camp programs and challenges, experience time-honored camp traditions, and make new friends along the way. Beyond Camp will include virtual programs exclusively from 9 to 12 every morning (activities, games, skill-building, and guest speakers), followed by “at home activities” that girls can do at home OFF their computers using common household items. Activities will include games, experiments, and/or projects that they can do at home, at the park, and with friends and family!

Check out all our summer camp offerings at