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Our council offers several great Signature Events throughout the year! Please check this space for updated 2020 Program Signature events!

Signature Events are GSSNE programs that align with both council-level and GSUSA core program focuses. 

If you should need more information or help registering for one of these amazing programs, please contact for more information. 

Click the drop down arrow next to the Signature Program name to display all the event details!

Camp Cooking Throwdown: Tinfoil Edition (C/S/A)

Are you a gourmet camp cooking chef?  Are you a wizard at Tinfoil cooking?  Does your troop make the most delicious culinary creations in all of the coucil?  Do you have no idea what Tinfoil cooking is, but want to give it a try anyway?  If any or all of the above apply to you then join us for a cooking throw down camp style.  Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors will first learn about safe food prep and the art of cooking with Tinfoil.  Then it will be competition time!  Come alone or as a troop to show off your cooking prowess.

Chill Factor: Daisy Snow or Trail Adventure (D)

It's time to go on an adventure!  Dependent on the weather, this Signature Program offers Daisy's the chance to play in the snow or explore the outdoors.  Imagine whooshing down a snowy hill or traversing trails with an adventurous hike.  Come for fun, a snack, and leave having earned the Outdoor Adventurer badge!

Venture Out: Letterboxing & Geocaching (B/J)

Join the amazing adventure game played by girls all over the world!  Follow the clues, search for treasure chests, and find the special items hidden inside.  Brownies will earn the Letterboxing badge, while Juniors earn the Geocaching badge.  Enjoy a snack and have an adventure of a lifetime

Business Innovator (C/S)

Have a great idea?  Turn it into a business plan!  Cadettes learn about financial strategies and share business ideas of the future!

Did you identify a social problem? Develop a Take Action Project and change the world!  Seniors explore 

Product Inventor (B/J)

Find out how to become an inventor or product designer with this signature program!  Brownie's will have the chance to learn about the process of inventing and earn their Inventor badge, while Junior's find innovating ways to create a product and earn their Product Design badge!  Make observations, solve problems, and share your creations!

International Day of the Girl (D/B/J)

Change the world! Team up with countries around the globe to celebrate your inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, Leader) by taking part in a World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGS) curriculum event that encourages girl empowerment! You’ll participate in themes activities that will make you want to stand up and speak out about real issues in our global community, and “make the world a better place.” 

World Thinking Day (C/S/A)

Discover the power of joining forces with girls globally to be change makers in each of our communities! Each year on February 22, 10 million Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from 150 countries celebrate World Thinking Day to work together to create a strong, positive effect on something or someone. 

Marathon in a Month (D/B/J/C/S/A)

Lace up your sneakers because the 4th Annual Marathon in a Month Challenge is ready to launch! Your goal is to log 26.2 miles of physical activity within a month…that’s less than 1 mile per day. We will be your coach and cheerleader by helping you keep track of your miles and reach your goals!

Stand UP (C/S/A)

Explore public policy, the importance of voting, and how the democratic government functions with Stand UP! Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors are called to participate in this opportunity where you will earn the Civic Engagement badge!

Zumba: Glow Party! (D/B/J/C/S/A)

Flip the switch and turn the black lights on! Get ready for a spectacular night covered in glow sticks while dancing your heart out to merengue, salsa, cumbia, and raggaeton rhythms! Leave with a commemorative patch and new moves to show off!

Coding for Good (J)

Unlock your coding skills with Coding for Good! Juniors learn about women in computer science, create algorithms, use loops, and play a game with conditionals, making your program even more exciting! Complete all these steps to earn your Coding Basics badge!

Design Challenge: Board Game & Leap Bot (D/B)

Put on your thinking cap and come up with a design fit for a Girl Scout! In this design challenge, Daises create a board game and Brownies design a Leap Bot. Figure out what works and what needs fixing in order to earn your badge for Mechanical Engineering!

Space Science (C/S/A)

Travel beyond our atmosphere into the mysterious world of Space! Learn about how we make discoveries, the properties of light, and learn how you can be part of NASA now and in the future!

Signature Programs