Girl Scout's Nautical Night at Battleship Cove 6-8-24
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Date: Sat Jun 22, 2:00 PM EST - Sun Jun 23, 2:00 PM EST
  • STEM
  • Juniors,
  • Daisies,
  • Seniors,
  • Volunteers,
  • Cadettes,
  • Ambassadors,
  • Brownies
Girl Scouts you are invited to experience a Nautical Night at Battleship Cove! Get ready for a firsthand feel of what it was like to be a sailor in World War II as you explore and discover the USS Massachusetts - and spend the night sleeping on board! Although Battleship Massachusetts was designed to carry 1,800 sailors, it typically carried nearly 2,300 on board throughout the war. Steaming more than 225,000 miles over four long years, Big Mamie rotated the crew frequently, hosting more than 6,000 different officers and crew by 1945. You'll be sleeping exactly where these sailors slept: in authentic sailors' racks. Upon arriving to the museum, you are led to the bunkrooms where you may stow your sleeping bags and belongings. Girl Scouts then partake in a number of activities such as the new "Kilroy IS Here" scavenger hunt, story teller, feature films, play the game Battleship aboard a battleship, and much more! Dinner and breakfast included. All meals are served "chow style" in the original Officers' Wardroom on board USS Massachusetts. This is NOT a drop off program. All Girl Scouts must be accompanied by a responsible adult or Troop leader. Troop/group sign up is encouraged but not required to attend. When you click Battleship Cove's registration link, please scroll to the date you are interested in.