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Money Earning & Fundraising Policy

money earn

The Cookie Sale and Fall Product Program activities should be the primary way to earn money for programs and activities.

However, sometimes troops require additional money earning opportunities to fund "big ticket" items such as museum overnights, major trips or participation in program activities. GSSNE troops may do so if they meet the following requirements:

  1. The troop must participate in council fundraising events; fall product sale and cookie sale before requesting permission for additional money earning activities.
  2. The participation standard for 2018-2019 is:
    • Fall Product Sale: The per-registered girl average for the troop must be:
      • sale of any five (5) items AND submission of 15 valid online email addresses 
      • OR sale of any fifteen (15) items    
    • Cookie Sale: the per-registered girl troop average must be 125 packages or more. (The council average was 150+ boxes in the 2017 sale).

The full details can be found on page 11 of the GSSNE Policies, Procedures and Standards.

GSUSA Policy on Online Selleing, Marketing, & Social Media
No girl, or adult acting on behalf of girl members, can collect money online for Girl Scout products or a money-earning activity online. The exception to this is GSUSA approved product sale programs.
Girls are only to use the internet to market the Girl Scout Fall Product Sale Program to friends and family. Friends and family are people whom the girl or her family personally know.
  • The Girl Scout Product Sale Programs are girl-led sale programs, and online marketing and sales efforts should always be led by a girl while also being supervised by her parents or caregivers.
  • Friends and family of a girl participating in Girl Scout Product Sale Programs must not market or share a girl’s contact information, sales links, or sales information on public-facing online sites (examples: Craigslist, yard sale sites, Facebook Marketplace, neighborhood sites, Amazon, or e-Bay). They also should not share their sales link with any news outlets (this includes online and traditional news media, such as radio, television, or magazines).
  • For safety purposes, online marketing activities, especially those conducted through social media platforms, should always be done through accounts set to “private”.
  • Should any online marketing activities be identified as in violation of this policy, GSUSA or council reserves the right to intervene and request removal or remove the post.

All girls participating in online Girl Scout activities should read and sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge.