Additional Awards and Patches

Additional Awards and Patches

GSSNE Patch Programs

For her Silver Award Project, Jordan B. from Troop 602 in Newport/Middletown created a Bike History and Safety Patch Program!  It is Jordan’s goal that, as you take on this patch program, you Discover, Connect, and Take Action with the history, safety, and benefits of the bicycle and go on to promote bike safety in your own community.

Bike History and Safety Patch Program requirements and resources

The Sarah Hazard Nomer Museum began in 1990 after the newly built House-by-the-Side-ofthe-Road opened. A Museum Committee was formed and tasked with the management of the collections and archive. Mrs. Nomer and her daughter participated in Girl Scouts in New York and Rhode Island.



1. A Look at Our Roots
2. People in Our Past
3. Our Council Attic: The Museum Collections
4. Our Camps

Purpose: To discover some history of the local Girl Scout organization, explore a Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England camp, and tour the Sarah Hazard Nomer Museum at Camp Hoffman, West Kingston, R.I.

Sarah Hazard Nomer Museum Patch requirements
Schedule a tour of the Sarah Hazard Nomer Museum

The Camp S'more Troop Patch and corresponding segments are available for troops that have an interest in camping together.

The main patch and the first 3 segments are earned after the first troop camping experience. Additional segments can be earned as a troop samples the wider variety of camping opportunities available. 

Camp S'more Patch and Segment information

The states we live in are unique and exciting! But how much do you really know about where you live? Complete the steps in the My State patch program to learn more about your state! 

My State patch requirements

You may use Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut for this patch. Patches are available for all three states are available at the GSSNE shop.

Boston has the biggest population of any city in New England, is steeped in history, has great sports, and many exciting things to do. Complete the Best of Boston to learn more about the capital of Massachusetts. 

Best of Boston patch requirements

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