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Summer Camp for G.I.R.L.s!

Announcing Beyond Camp! 

Beyond Camp registration is now open! Join us for a summer of fun, where you can participate in a variety of virtual camp programs and challenges, experience camp traditions, and make new friends along the way. Each week has a different theme that several of the week's activities will be based on. You can also purchase a Camp Care Package in addition to your camp registration. Each package includes fun Girl Scout items, along with some fun activities to do at home. Register here!

Session Schedules: 

Click the links below to see the schedule for each Beyond Camp session. Each document contains separate schedules for Younger Girls (D/B/J) and Older Girls (C/S/A).

Chase the Rainbow July 6-July 10
Animal Planet July 13-17
Outdoor Skills July 20-24
Master Chef July 27-31
Theater in the Woods August 3-7
Around the World August 10-14

Registration Information

$50 per participant for a week-long session
Registration closed the Thursday before the session starts


Camp FAQs for Summer 2020

What’s happening with GSSNE camps this summer?

Due to safety limitations imposed by the government and health officials, traditional in-person, on-site camp sessions are suspended this summer. Safety limitations imposed by the government and health officials mean we can’t provide the same experience we had originally planned. Realistically, we are not able to deliver a safe day and overnight camp experience with the capacities and timeframe that we had been planning on. In our decision-making process, we acknowledged what we couldn’t provide our scheduled sessions to girls, but we’ve pivoted, adjusting to the new way of life that we’re all enduring together, and are excited to provide alternative camp experiences this summer (aka Beyond Camp).

So, while conventional camp sessions are suspended for this summer, GSSNE will still provide opportunities to give girls with a taste of camp life, from the comfort and safety of their own home. Additionally, it is our hope to offer in-person Family Day experiences in July and/or August on our properties. As guidance is issues from the state government, we are ever-assessing how to bring the offering to life. We ask for your patience while we work through all of the moving pieces, but please rest assured that it is our priority to give members opportunities to utilize our camps as much as the circumstances allow. At this time, we do still plan to run The Great Escape, Tall & Small, and Can U Canoe? as in-person mini-weekend sessions.

Does Governor Raimondo’s announcement regarding camp change GSSNE’s decision to not hold in-person camp sessions as planned?

Although Governor Raimondo announced on Thursday, May 14th that the state hopes for camps in RI to open beginning June 29th, this does not change the decision that we’ve made at GSSNE. While we hope to be able to add more in-person experience at camp later on this summer, at this time we cannot guarantee safe and enjoyable traditional camp sessions. Additionally, keeping in mind that we have camp properties in both RI and MA, state guidelines may differ as we move forward. What applies to RI may not apply to MA, and vice versa. The last thing that we want to do is to over-promise and under-deliver to our girls this summer.  To that regard, at this time we are only promising what we know we can deliver – Beyond Camp sessions, The Great Escape, Tall & Small, and Can U Canoe?. As we get closer to summer, we hope to add in more troop camping and Family Camp days on our properties. 

What is an alternative camp experience, or Beyond Camp?

These are weeklong sessions full of both on-her-own activities and virtual camp experiences “all together” with fellow campers via a variety of platforms.

The vision is for campers to experience (from home) what a typical day at camp is like including the morning flag ceremony, themed activities, talent show, and evening campfire.

Activities offered will be determined by age-level.  Age-levels are based on the Girl Scout level the girl is bridging into. For example, a girl completing 1st grade this spring will enjoy Brownie programming this summer.

We are still working on details for Beyond Camp but will be sending out a communication about that once everything is aligned and ready. We plan for registration to open on June 1st and will have more details available prior to then. 

My girl is already registered and paid for camp this summer. What do I do?

An email was sent out mid-day on Friday, May 15th with details regarding your registration and payments made. If you have already put down a deposit towards 2020 summer camp you have the unique opportunity to put that payment towards your 2021 Girl Scout membership. If you do not wish to renew your membership, you will be issued a full refund of your deposit. Simply click on the following link to either renew or receive your refund.

Who can attend our alternative Camping Experiences?

ALL Girl Scouts! Whether or not your girl was previously registered for a camp program, she now has access to attend any (ALL) of the summer activities for her age level. If you’re new to Girl Scouts, or curious about what Girl Scouts is all about, now is a great time to experience the magic of Girl Scouts! 

What if I already put down a deposit on my troop rentals?

We recognize that many of you have troop camping reservations on our properties beginning in June. We ask for your patience while we work through these details. Although the operational logistics of allowing troop camping are not as complex as summer camp (bussing, dining services, summer camp staff management, etc.), there are still a number of “unknown” factors that pertain to utilizing camp properties in June. We will continue to monitor state and local ordinances, along with guidance from the American Camp Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Girl Scouts of the USA, as we work to create processes to keep girls and families safe while also providing an opportunity to explore the outdoors at our camps. Please stay tuned for more details regarding troop camping in the coming weeks. 

How much will these Alternative Camping Experiences cost?

Each full week session will be $50 per girl. We are in the process of finalizing session details and building registration sites. We plan for registration to go live on June 1st and will announce more details prior to then. 

My camper received financial assistance to go to camp. What happens now?

Upon registering for alternative camp experiences, you will be asked if you have already applied for financial aid. Financial aid that was rewarded will be applied to her camp registration after Cookie Credits have been used. 

Who will be leading these programs?

Outdoor Program Manager, Cassie Audette (Swizzle) is excited to be returning to camp this summer along with many of your beloved summer camp staff members.

What is a virtual camp? How is this going to work?

These alternative camping experiences will be delivered via mixed media channels including videos, emails with activities and live Zoom get-togethers. A week before each camp, your camper will receive an email with details.

What about Cookie Credits?

Since this summer’s experience will be different than most, we are making an exception for how Cookie Credits can be applied for this year only. The options for Cookie Credits earned this year are as follows: Girls who have earned under $100.00 must apply those credits to programs this summer (alternative camp experience sessions, The Great Escape, Tall and Small, and Can U Canoe?). For girls who have earned over $100.00, the first $100.00 must be used on programs this summer; any remaining balance can be rolled over to next year and applied to camp sessions in 2021. For example: if your Girl Scout earned $150.00 Cookie Credits this year, she is eligible to roll over up to $50.00 into the 2021 summer camp season. Our registration team will keep track of credits in excess of $100.00 that can be utilized next year. This is applicable to cookie credits earned by Monday, May 25th, 2020.

Additional update: We have had a few inquiries since this morning’s message about camp and cookie credits, and we’ve heard you. We assure every family that if there are no offerings that meet the needs of your Girl Scout this summer, we will be happy to transfer all cookie credits to next summer. You don’t need to request the transfer because you have enough on your plate – we will simply transfer any unused credits to next summer for all girls. 

We know that many families are anxiously awaiting our summer program plans because their girls are eager to connect with their fellow Girl Scouts and new friends. We initially made the exception to transfer anything over $100 in cookie credits to next year because we won’t have offerings this summer that would enable most families to use more than $100 in credits this year. 

We will have programs later in the summer as well as virtual camp programs that families can send their daughters to this summer. We opted for both virtual and in-person offerings because we recognize that some families might not feel comfortable sending their girls to an in-person experience, and we felt strongly about providing a medley of options. Though we haven’t determined the full summer schedule, we do plan to have several options to meet different comfort levels including some family days at camp that cookie credits can be used towards, as long as state and health restrictions allow. 

What are other Girl Scout councils doing about summer camp?

There are 111 Girl Scout councils throughout the country offering many types of Summer Camp experiences. Each is independent and make decisions that works best for their council. Around 90% of Girl Scout councils have made the decision to suspend in-person traditional camp sessions this summer. 

Can girls from another council – another part of the country or world – attend GSSNE’s alternative camping experience?

You bet! Already we have had girls and grown-ups from across the United States attending our spring virtual Girl Scout activities. How amazing is that?!

What about girls who are not members of Girl Scouts?

Do you know a girl who isn’t yet a Girl Scout? Invite her to attend a virtual camp this summer. She’ll get to have amazing experiences and learn what it is to be a Girl Scout! Win Win!

When and how can I sign up for Beyond Camp and Family Days?

Beyond Camp registration is now open! Join us for a summer of fun, where you can participate in a variety of virtual camp programs and challenges, experience camp traditions, and make new friends along the way. Each week has a different theme that several of the week's activities will be based on. You can also purchase a Camp Care Package in addition to your camp registration. Each package includes fun Girl Scout items, along with some fun activities to do at home. Register here!

Sample Schedule: From around 9am-12pm every day there will be virtual programs (activities, games, skill-building, and guest speakers), followed by “at home activities” that girls do at home OFF their computers. Activities will include things like games, experiments, or projects that they can do at home, at the park, or with friends and family! You can check out a more detailed Beyond Camp schedule here.

Family Days require a bit more planning and we ask for your patience while we work though those details. As more guidance from the state becomes available, we will be working to put systems in place to keep campers and family members safe and clean. Once those details are ready to be implemented, we will share more information and registration details with our membership. 


Looking to make memories that will last a lifetime? Then Girl Scout summer camp is the best place to be every summer!

Get ready for a summer full of memories in the making. Our camps are the perfect place for girls to let their go-getter, innovator, risk-taker and leader spirit shine! Every G.I.R.L. should have a summer this fun!

Please note: Camp Promising Acres (Swansea, MA) must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health. All five GSSNE camp programs are accredited by the American Camp Association.