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M2 Account Information

Getting started in M2OS is easy! 

M2OS is the online system for girls and volunteers to manage the Fall Product Product.

1) Council will automatically add girls and troop leaders into M2OS. Girls and troop leaders must be registered for the 2021-2022 Girl Scout membership year to be added to M2OS and to participate in the program. Unregistered girls and leaders are not permitted to participate in any troop activities, including the Fall and Cookie Programs. All girls registered before September 10, 2021 will be into M2OS before the start of the sale. After the start of the sale, newly registered girls will be added to M2OS twice a week for the duration of the sale.

2) All girls registered for the 2021-2022 membership season with an email address on file will automatically receive an email link to sign up with M2OS to participate in online sales on September 16, 2021. Girls registered after the start of the sale will receive an email inviting them to sign up with M2OS as they are added to the database. Once girls are registered with the site, they can access their online store by visiting

3) Girls can create an avatar that looks just like them! They can add their goals so that customers can understand how the sale benefits the girls and there is also an option for girls to upload their own photo or video!

4) Girls can spread the word by sending personalized emails through their M2OS account to invite friends and family to shop their online store. They can also promote the store link through a parent's social media accounts.

Please be sure to follow all GSUSA internet safety guidelines

Here's how your customers can order products from girls:

  • Candy & Nuts: Order Card or Girl's Online Store
  • Magazines: Girl's Online Store
GSUSA Policy on Online Selling, Marketing, & Social Media

No girl, or adult acting on behalf of girl members, can collect money online for Girl Scout products or a money-earning activity online. The exception to this is GSUSA approved product programs.

Girls are only to use the internet to market the Girl Scout Fall Product Program to friends and family. Friends and family are people whom the girl or her family personally know.

  • The Girl Scout Product Programs are girl-led programs, and online marketing and sales efforts should always be led by a girl while also being supervised by her parents or caregivers.
  • Friends and family of a girl participating in Girl Scout Product Programs must not market or share a girl’s contact information, sales links, or sales information on public-facing online sites (examples: Craigslist, yard sale sites, Facebook Marketplace, neighborhood sites, Amazon, or e-Bay). They also should not share their sales link with any news outlets (this includes online and traditional news media, such as radio, television, or magazines).
  • For safety purposes, online marketing activities, especially those conducted through social media platforms, should always be done through accounts set to “private”.
  • Should any online marketing activities be identified as in violation of this policy, GSUSA or council reserves the right to intervene and request removal or remove the post.
Changing your password in M2OS

When you are logged into your account, click the arrow in the top right corner, then "Profile", and then change your password.