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Community Connections

Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England believes that EVERY girl who wants to be a Girl Scout should be a Girl Scout. Through our Community Outreach and Extended Learning programs we are working to ensure that no girl goes without the opportunity to experience Girl Scouting first hand. 

Community Outreach

Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England has various delivery systems designed to give girls throughout Rhode Island and southeastern MA an opportunity to participate in GSSNE's Girl Scout program activities - whether it is taking part in an after-school troop or taking advantage of a six-week summer sessions. Our Community Outreach programs are designed to reach girls who might not be be able to participate in a traditional troop. We provide through paid leadership, community collaborations using outside agency staff and volunteers. With community involvement and support from the business sector, girls who most need what Girl Scouting has to offer have a chance to grow, learn and lead.

Who We Serve

GSSNE provides girls in grades K-8 with programming through after-school and community group settings. The program serves more than 1000 girls per year throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern MA elementary schools.

The Girl Scout Leader Experience (GSLE)

Leadership development is a major Outreach focus. GSLE identifies three "keys" to leadership - Discover, Connect and Take Action.

  • Discover: Girls understand themselves and their values and use their knowledge and skils to explore the world.
  • Connect: Girls care about, inspire and team with others locally and globally. 
  • Take Action: Girls act to make the world a better place.

Girl Scout experiences are girl-led whenever possible, and it is learning that is encouraged through experimental and cooperative approaches. These three processes promote fun and friendship, integral to Girl Scouts, along with a sense of belonging and opportunity for leadership.

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Who Makes It Possible?

The short answer is everyone. Programs and sessions are led by professionally trained program leaders who act as facilitators and positive adult role models. Volunteers assist Girl Scout staff in program delivery, supporting our program leaders and girls with games, songs, reading books, and girl membership. But it goes beyond that, much of Community Outreach is supported through the generous grants and donations received through the business sector and supporting organizations. Only with the support of those in our communities, can this important work continue!

You too can support our Outreach efforts by making a donation online today! Thank you for making the difference in the life of a girl!