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The Sarah Hazard Nomer Museum

The Sarah Hazard Nomer Museum opened in 1990 in the House-by-the-Side-of-the-Road at Camp Hoffman in West Kingston, RI. Mrs. Nomer and her daughter participated in Girl Scouts in New York and Rhode Island. It is at this museum in Nomer's name that people may learn about the beginnings of Girl Scouting in Rhode Island and southeast Massachusetts.

A Museum Committee was formed and tasked with the management of the collections and the archive. Among the collections are vintage uniforms, camp memorabilia, and a medal awarded to Kit Hammett by the Greek government.

You may take a guided tour of the Sarah Hazard Nomer Museum and discover the roots of local Girl Scouting through the photos and memorabilia on display. While touring the museum, you may also complete the Sarah Hazard Nomer Museum patch program. To schedule a tour (plan 30 minutes for each group of 10 or fewer), please complete the form below.