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Highest Award Girl Scouts

Congratulations to our 2020 and 2021 Gold Award Girl Scouts! These Girl Scouts have dedicated thousands of collective hours to designing and implementing remarkable projects, and we are excited to celebrate their accomplishments.

The Gold Award is the “mark of the truly remarkable” as it requires the Girl Scout who earns it to develop a sustainable solution to a world or community issue. Recipients of the Girl Scout Gold Award who enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces may receive advanced rank in recognition of their achievements, and many universities and colleges offer scholarships to Gold Awardees.

Through the Gold Award process, girls identify community and world issues that matter to them and then carve out a sustainable project that addresses the issue in some significant way. While completing their projects, girls learn that they have the leadership skills to make a difference in this world.

2021 Gold Award Girl Scouts

Mckayla A.

Mckayla A.
Somerset, MA

For her Gold Award project, Mckayla addressed ways to promote and preserve the history of veterans who served our country; especially those from the Vietnam War era. She accomplished this by working with the USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr DD-850 to create a team to interview Vietnam Veterans on the ship and posting these videos on social media (YouTube and Facebook). She also researched and drafted signs for 40 areas and compartments on the USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr to describe the use and what life was like in these areas. By collecting their stories and describing their life in the service via a museum ship of the era and online platforms, the project will bring pride and thanks to veterans as well as publicize to the community the lives of our neighbors, friends, and relatives.


Katie B.
Gold Award Bio-Katie B

For her Gold Award project, Katie aimed to increase teenage awareness
surrounding the importance of organ donation. First, she created a curriculum that included basic information about transplants, organ donation, and donor registration. She started a chapter of Student Organ Donation Advocates (SODA) at her school. The club held various events at school and in the community to raise awareness about organ donation, answer questions, and register people as organ donors. Finally, Katie created a website that provided information about Student Organ Donation Advocates club, organ donation, and transplants in general.

Alexia F.
Gold Award Bio-Alexia F

For her Gold Award project, Sustainable Existing, Alexia aimed to
address the issue of the excessive amount of waste that gets used and released into the world and the impact it has. She created a podcast and blog to address this issue, capturing both simple sustainable swaps in your everyday life but also went deeper into consumerism and how we need to have a better mindset to protect the environment, natural resources, and the people living in it. Her blog can be found at

Abigail G.

Abigail G.
Pawcatuck, CT

For her Gold Award project, Abigail designed and ran a STEM Exploration Day for young girls to come and learn about the fun side of science, aiming to show them how they can apply and use STEM concepts in their daily lives. She invited professionals from the workplace to come teach the kids about exactly what they do and why they enjoy it—they were passionate about the subject they came to teach and impressed upon the younger girls that science is fun and accessible to women too, not just “the hard class” that people have to just get through.

Emma G.
Gold Award Bio-Emma G

For her Gold Award project, Emma added unique elements to the North Scituate Elementary School (NSES) playground to encourage alternative ways to play at recess, since not every student wants to run around or play a sport. Emma worked with the NSES teachers, principal, and custodians as well as with local organizations including the Rotary Club and Lions Club for funding to develop this project. The playground quickly turned into a colorful oasis as she added four square, hopscotch, a map of the United States, a race track, repainted a buddy bench, and painted a mural. She was also able to gain assistance to install a music wall.

Corinne R.
Gold Award Bio-Corinne R

For her Gold Award, Corinne designed a curriculum for a summer dance camp tailored to students with disabilities. As a dancer of more than fifteen years, she felt strongly that the benefits of dance should be more accessible to all students. With the help of her mentor, she first held trial classes, where she taught technique, choreography, and had improvisation while she played the violin. During the final class, they performed the choreography for other dancers at the studio. Corinne used her knowledge from research and the class to build the curriculum and film tutorials for the technique and choreography, which she combined in a website, which she hopes will help to diminish stigmas surrounding disabilities in her dance community. Corinne hopes to continue to advocate for accessible dance classes for all dancers in the future.

Zoie S.
Gold Award Bio-Zoie S

For her Gold Award project, Zoie aimed to address this issue that people, especially children with disabilities, are unable to access the water safely and have a safe, relaxing day. There are only certain places that are handicap assessable where they can go and have a fun day in the summer, and she wanted to add Westwood YMCA to the list of places where they can do that. Zoie wanted to help the members of our community to easily get in and out of the water by building a ramp that extends into the water, creating an All Inclusive Waterfront with access to a beautiful waterfront to all members of the community.


Lucy S.
Gold Award Bio-Lucy S

For her Gold Award project, Lucy wanted to provide stress relief. She made a Facebook page and a website with many techniques for stress relief, led Zoom workshops to do stress-relieving activities, and made brochures specially curated to stress relief. Lucy has seen the great impact that her project has made, including getting published on an international news source, and she has gotten messages from people all over the world about how they appreciated her website, how it helped them, and how it made them feel less alone.


2020 Gold Award Girl Scouts

Emily B.
Gold Award Bio-Emily B

For her Gold Award project, Emily worked with the staff of Blackstone Valley Prep Elementary School to create a Sensory Hallway for their school. For some students it seems impossible to sit still during class. This sensory hallway is a structured yet fun way to get their wiggles out and feel ready to go back to class, and kids at the school have reported feeling more focused in class after using the Sensory Hallway. 

Aemilia B.
Gold Award Bio-Aemilia B

For her Gold Award project, Aemilia aimed to spread kindness through art at Anna M. McCabe Elementary School. She surveyed the teachers to find out what quote, colors, size, and symbols they would like in a painting that would help to promote kindness in their classroom. She painted thirteen individual paintings on canvases that are now displayed in classrooms throughout the school. Next, she painted a large-scale hallway mural with the school motto, "Be safe, be kind, work hard." and paintings of children enjoying various activities, which is mounted in a prominent location in the school. Lastly, Aemilia created a website of kindness activities, book suggestions, and crafts for each grade level which was shared with the entire school community.

Jordynn C.
Gold Award Bio-Jordynn C

For her Gold Award project, Jordynn established and ran a tutoring program at her local public library. She spent the first half of her time creating the program—advertising, scheduling, and determining the logistics. Then she and the other volunteer tutors tutored students from kindergarten through 9th grade from February to June. Jordynn felt the most rewarding part of her project was seeing the pride of the children when they finally began understanding a topic they were struggling with. The increased confidence of the children was one of greatest impacts of the project. She also created a folder of documents to help establish future programs.

Ellie C.

Ellie Chabot
Warren, RI
Warren Bike Path Improvement

For her Gold Award Project, Ellie addressed a run-down area near the bike path in the middle of Warren, RI. To make the area a more inviting and helpful place, Ellie added a solar recharging bench station so people can stop and recharge their devices while enjoying the bike path.

Cassandra D.
Gold Award Bio-Cassandra D

For her Gold Award project, Cassandra redesigned the costume closet at North Kingstown High School, including painting the walls, installing permanent structures, and making a catalog of every item in the closet with barcodes on them. This will keep the closet organized for future theater productions and items can be easily rented out to the cast. She also made a guide for people to easily add, remove, and rent from the online catalog.

Sarah I.
Gold Award Bio-Sarah I

For her Gold Award project, Sarah set a goal of increasing enrollment at her church. Sarah has fond memories of all the fun she had growing up in her church and wanted to help new families build fun memories too! To start, Sarah cleaned the church classrooms and closets to make it a more welcoming and safe environment. Then she planned a number of family-friendly events, including game nights, a trunk-or-treat for Halloween, and a parent’s night out at Christmas time where children would be watched at the church and parents could go shopping without the kids! Sarah also created a new peace curriculum to teach about peace and make peace flags and videos. 

Julia L.
Gold Award Bio-Julia L

For her Gold Award project, Julia focused on preventing school violence by promoting student social/emotional wellness. She worked with her school to establish a club for high school students, creating a safe and inclusive space to talk about problems that affect school safety and student wellbeing. Julia also held a community forum on the effects that social/emotional wellness has on school violence, inviting different community leaders, including parents, teachers, administrators, legislators, police, local health groups, and students. Participants in the forum discussed and brainstormed solutions to guided questions, working in groups consisting of different community representatives to make sure the conversation included all perspectives. At the end of the forum all the groups came together to discuss their best ideas for school violence prevention—helping increase communication amongst all school community stakeholders. 

Lauren N.
Gold Award Bio-Lauren N

For her Gold Award project, Lauren designed, built, and installed a permanent outhouse on the Blackstone River Bike Path. Many people use the bike path for biking, running, rollerblading, or walking, but there was no permanent restroom option. Lauren partnered the builder and owner of Pretty Potties in Connecticut and went to his workshop numerous times during the planning and construction phases. Additionally, she worked with the mayor of Cumberland to choose the location—next to a newly renovated baseball field—helping the town fulfill a need for a restroom facility at the new ball park, providing additional benefit to everyone who will also use the field.

Sarah O.
Gold Award Bio-Sarah O

For her Gold Award project, Sarah wanted to help provide a safe and fun area for kids to spend more time outside and less time on electronics. She worked with the Warren Parks and Recreation department to improve the Baltimore Street Playground, including putting in a new playground structure and repainting current playground equipment. Sarah also created a YouTube video on playground safety. 

Holly V.
Gold Award Bio-Holly V

For her Gold Award project, Holly teamed up with the Future Business Leaders of America local chapter advisor to create the in-school class, Novan Enterprise. The course is designed to be student-led, allowing students to decide what they wanted to learn. Within the course, students learn business basics like inventory management, money management, and people skills by running the school store. Additional activities students participated in include taking on new leadership roles by participating in fundraising events; the design and development of an online store of WHS pride merchandise; the development of the Novan Broadcast which aimed to spread a positive narrative of the community; the start of the Woonsocket Novan Education Foundation that will help fund enhanced learning opportunities and scholarships for students of the Woonsocket District; and other great professional development activities such as LinkedIn lessons.

Morgan W.
Gold Award Bio-Morgan W

For her Gold Award project, Morgan helped to increase the number of volunteers at Franklin Farm by helping encourage families with young children to volunteer. She understood that it is hard to volunteer if parents are also concerned about watching their young children. By installing the "little library," children will be able to read books and socialize with others in a safe environment, while their parents are volunteering in the garden.


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