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Volunteer Resources

In addition to all that your Service Unit Managers and Girl Scout volunteer network have to offer, we have a variety of additional resources to keep Troop Leaders current, connected, and feeling confident. We encourage you to take a look at the following and ask your fellow Girl Scout volunteers what best practices they can share for utilizing them: 

Leader Resources in gsLearn


GSSNE’s online learning platform, gsLearn (accessed via sign-on through your MYGS login), is continually updated with new volunteer trainings, documents, resources, videos, and more! Whether you’re a troop, service unit, or council volunteer, there’s something there for you.

First year as a leader? You should begin your learning with the Successful Leader Learning Series, Girl Scouts Outdoors, and Troop Finances. After that, there are lots of courses to explore as your leadership adventure continues.

Second year and beyond? After completing your first-year learning courses, you can explore opportunities for returning leaders. The menu of options continues to grow!

Additional information about gsLearn can be found at

Volunteer Aspire Series: trainings and enrichment

The GSSNE Volunteer Aspire Series incorporates trainings, enrichment programs, workshops, learning, networking, and honoring tradition!  This series is designed to provide personal and professional development opportunities that empower you within and beyond your role as a volunteer!  Watch for more information on that this fall!


Planning Your Troop Year: Volunteer Toolkit

Found in MYGS, the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) is a digital K–12 program toolit that's your source for delivering easy, fun troop meetings year-round! This fully customizable, digital planning tool is accessible on any computer or mobile device and provides you with Girl Scout program content, award requirements, and other resources. If you’re already a registered troop leader, click MYGS to log in and get started. 

Fall Product and Cookie Programs

Resources are available online for Fall Product and Cookie Program sellers and volunteers, including training videos, live webinars, forms, guides, and more. Visit our Product Programs page for more information! 

Beyond the Troop Meeting

Attend GSSNE programs, explore community events within your service unit, or plan your own troop day, overnight, or extended travel trips! For more information, see Girl Scouts Destinations.

Monthly Updates: Emails to Volunteers

GSSNE sends out monthly emails to all volunteers that include important information specific to volunteers. Check out the latest Volunteer Monthly Updates below: 

Monthly Updates December 2022
Monthly Updates November 2022
Monthly Updates October 2022
Monthly Updates September 2022

If you are a current GSSNE Volunteer and you are not receiving the Volunteer Monthly Updates email, please contact so we can look into your volunteer and subscription record. 

Other Online Resources
The website you are on now,, is the official website of Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England and offers a ton of great information! Stay connected to this site to see the latest updates and information available.
Girl Scouts of the USA is the national Girl Scouting organization—their website offers great resources for volunteers, Girl Scouts, and families. 

Social Media:
Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England and Girl Scouts of the USA both have multiple social media channels to help you stay up to date with all things Girl Scouting!

Main GSSNE Facebook: @gssne
GSSNE Camps Facebook: @GSSNECamp
GSSNE Alums Facebook: @gssnealum
GSSNE Prospective Member Facebook: @DiscoverGSSNE
Instagram: @gssne
Twitter: @GirlScoutsofSNE
LinkedIn: Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England
TikTok: @girlscoutsofsne
Facebook: @GirlScoutsUSA
Instagram: @girlscouts
Twitter: @girlscouts
LinkedIn: Girl Scouts of the USA
TikTok: @girlscouts


Support Resources for New Leaders

In addition to the above, to help new leaders navigate their first year successfully, GSSNE provides all new leaders* of GSSNE troops a comprehensive new leader binder and year-long support. New troops can even qualify to receive an exclusive GSSNE kick-start kit! New leaders receive these additional support resources during their first year:

New Leader Progression

Are you a new troop leader? We’ve got you covered. Check out the New Leader Learning Progression—an easy-to-navigate checklist to keep you on track during your first year!

A Troop Support Staff Person

A member of the GSSNE staff will be available to new leaders for those times when you need help navigating your first year. Your Troop Support person will be reaching out to introduce herself very shortly after you register as a new leader.

8-part Email Series

Specifically for new leaders, this email series will provide information and resources to help you throughout your first year. Launching fall 2022.

New Leader Café

This private Facebook group is for first and second-year leaders. It’s a place to make connections with other leaders across the GSSNE council, ask questions, explore ideas, and benefit from the support of other leaders and staff. 

Monthly Virtual Support Meetings

September through May, GSSNE’s Volunteer Engagement Team will host a monthly support meeting for first and second-year leaders. Each month will present a new topic and there will be plenty of time for Q&A!

*New troop leaders are currently registered adults in good standing with clear background checks, fully trained through gsLearn starting 7/1/22; whose troop has a troop number; a troop bank account; and a troop information update form on file.