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NEW! Volunteer Enrichment Program

We’re excited to launch the GSSNE Volunteer Enrichment Program!

The GSSNE Volunteer Enrichment Program provides personal and professional development opportunities to adult Girl Scout volunteers. Programs offered help build skills that can be used beyond the volunteer role and deepen volunteers’ connections to the world around them. Program listings can be found on the GSSNE Event Calendar, Event List, and are also listed below. They may be virtual and/or in-person, and require registration. Most programs are free, offered multiple times throughout the month, and space is usually limited so register early!

Whatever your volunteer role looks like, we hope you’ll join us for one or ALL of the programs!  All you need is a current GSSNE membership and background screening.

If there’s a topic you’d like to see added to the Volunteer Enrichment Program or if you have a skill that you’d like to turn into a program offering, please submit your ideas.

Here are our upcoming programs: 

Youth Mental Health First Aid
February 5, 2022 from 9-12pm

In this Youth Mental Health First Aid certification class, you will learn a five-step action plan that will enable you to provide assistance to a teen until professional treatment is obtained or until a crisis is resolved. Completion of this course results in a three-year Youth Mental Health First Aid certificate.

Healthy Relationships
6:30-7:30 pm
February 10, 2022 

We all want trusting, mutually respectful personal and professional relationships. At the heart of that is positive, open, and thoughtful communication. In this program, we’ll explore what it means to be a genuinely engaged listener, we’ll look at ways to improve interpersonal relationships, and how to understand and give feedback in a way which truly shows our appreciation for others. 

Archery Level 1 Certification
April 30, 2022 from 9-12pm (online and in-person requirements must be satisfied)

The USA Archery Level 1 Instructor certification course provides graduates the necessary tools to maintain a high level of safety both on and off the archery range for camps and beginner archery programs. 

Clues to Your Talent
Recording now available:
April 5, 2022 from 7-8pm (eastern time)

We all want to be our best, to show up for ourselves and others in the best way possible. Sometimes we struggle to communicate clearly. Why? Often, we aren’t tuned into our unique talents - and when we lean into them, we are in a much better position to have a greater impact on our work, our team members, our family and friends, and our community. During this workshop, we will explore the Five Clues to Talent and the impact they can have on your personal and professional world.

Take time to spend on YOU. To be your best.

Join us for this national, virtual workshop, where you will:

  1. Learn how to spot your own talent in real time
  2. See your value and talent in a fresh and new way - the contributions that you bring to every team, every relationship, every situation, every day
  3. Start leaning into your talents and understand how to more profoundly impact your role, your department, your company, your family and your life by showing up in the best way possible, for yourself and for others around you

Lecture/Article Summary
This workshop is impactful to anyone interested in learning about their own talent. We will uncover how to identify talent and then see the unique contributions we bring to our role, our team, our family and our friends. Our time together will be highly engaging and lively and also full of deep thinking and introspection. We will walk through The Five Clues to Talent, giving each participant new insights and understanding of their value.