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The GSSNE ePayment system is available for troops to submit cookie payments directly to GSSNE.

The process is user friendly and immediate! Simply click this  ePayment link when you are ready to make a payment.

To get set up, please follow the instructions below!

1. Log in using your email and password (create an account if you don't have one). Please note: when setting up a new account, select "unknown" as the service unit and you will need to enter a 5-digit troop number. If your troop number is less than 5 digits, add zeros to the beginning of your troop number. For example, Troop 999 would become Troop 00999.
2. Enter/update your profile information.
3. Enter troop bank information for each troop you lead. Double-check that your information is correct. 
4. Choose troop and enter payment amount and submit.
5. Receive an email payment confirmation. Immediately send a copy of this email receipt to your service unit PPC and print a copy.
6. All payment paperwork must still be submitted to council according to established GSSNE Product Program Policies.

Questions? Please contact Customer Care at

Thank you!

Key Dates

Please note: these are the dates set by GSSNE for all service units. Your Product Program Coordinator may have separate dates for your service unit. Please be sure to follow all dates set by your PPC. 

  • December 9 - Troop leader/troop cookie manager training (see below for topics and login info)
  • December 13 or before – Troops train girls and service units hold cookie rallies
  • December 14 - Girls start taking orders and online marketing begins. Registered girls will receive emails to register with ABC Smart Cookies before this date. Please note, it is optional to start taking orders on this day.
  • December 23 - Troop leader/troop cookie manager Just in Time Training (see below for topics and login info)
  • December 24-31 - Council office closed for Christmas
  • January 1 - Council office closed for New Year’s Day
  • January 4 - Initial orders due in Smart Cookies from all service units
  • January 6 - Troop leader/troop cookie manager training (see below for topics and login info)
  • January 9 - Cookie Rally via Zoom. Register today!
  • January 18 - Council office closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • January 20 - Troop leader/troop cookie manager training (see below for topics and login info)
  • January 21-24 & 26-30 - Initial deliveries for all service units
  • January 21 - Cookie booths begin
  • January 22 - Last day for removing girls that do not belong in your troop. A girl CANNOT be removed just because she is not participating in the cookie program.
  • January 26 - Reorders begin. A partial payment must be made in order to place a reorder. 
  • February 2 - Your 1st partial payment is due to your PPC or council on or before February 2nd. Reorders will not be processed for troops without at least a 30% payment of their initial order. Payments are due each time a reorder is picked up and at least every two weeks after the initial delivery.
  • February 3 - Troop leader/troop cookie manager training (see below for topics and login info)
  • February 16 - Partial payment due
  • February 17 - Troop leader/troop cookie manager training (see below for topics and login info)
  • February 19-21 - National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

*Booth sales run throughout February and March. Troops and girls are required to continue to make payments throughout the program.

  • March 2 – A minimum of 50% of your troop’s total cookie bill is due
  • March 3 - Troop leader/troop cookie manager training (see below for topics and login info)
  • March 14 - Regular season booth sales continue until this date. Clear out the cupboard booths run through the end of the month.
  • March 16 - Partial payment due
  • March 28 - Online sales end
  • March 28 - Last day of booth sales
  • March 30 - Final payments and recognition orders are due to council. Be sure to have transferred all cookies to the girls and entered their recognition orders in Smart Cookies. Remember to verify t-shirt sizes, sweatshirt sizes and any optional recognitions with the girls before you reconcile their recognitions (girls’ recognition choices should be listed on parent permission slips).

*Booth Sales run throughout February and March. Troops and girls are required to continue to make payments throughout the program. 

  • Recognitions shipped to service units. Distribute earned recognitions to girls as soon as you receive them from your PPC.
September 30, 2021

All cookie paperwork, including receipts, payment forms, and permission slips, must be kept until this date.


Do you need additional training for the cookie program? 

Check with your service unit Product Program Coordinator or Service Unit Manager to schedule a training. Your service unit Product Program Coordinator also has the cookie program materials for troops and girls. Council will also be offering additional trainings at the beginning of the program and are happy to sit down with you to answer any questions you may have. 

If you need assistance finding out who is managing the cookie program for your service unit or you would like additional training at council, please contact Customer Care at Please include your name, troop number and service unit in the email.

Safe Selling During COVID

Safety is top-of-mind every year for our girls and volunteers. As always, girl participation is not mandatory. This booth grid is here to help parents/guardians, volunteers, girls, and families, understand how sales and cookie booths will work for the 2021 cookie season. Due to ever-changing conditions and comfort levels differing person-to-person, we’ve made updates to the way booths will work this year. Girls are able to participate fully online, do a hybrid of in-person and online, or do a combination of all the options. If booths aren’t a good fit, just remember girls can fully participate online and/or with contactless porch drop-offs.

You can find customizable business cards and door hangers under the "Fun Things" drop-down on this page, these will help girls connect with their customers in a safe way. We completely understand girls or parent/caregivers not wanting to participate in-person this year, and we hope some of these selling options will work for your family.

Here’s what you need to know:

Click the image above or here to view the PDF version of this chart!

If you are booking an in-person cookie booth, this letter, which addresses safety during COVID, can be given to the cookie booth location. 

Troop Leader & Troop Cookie Volunteer Resources
Service Unit Product Program Coordinator Resources
What Troops Earn

Troop Proceeds

Per Registered Girl Average* Per Package Proceeds
1-99.99 $0.52
100-159.99 $0.65
160-199.99 $0.80 
200+ $0.90

Older Girl Proceeds

Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Girl Scout troops may select to receive additional proceeds by opting out of the main (final) girl recognition program. Troops who opt out of recognitions still receive patches and Troop Leaders are still required to transfer cookies to girls and submit a recognition order at the end of the sale. Older girl proceeds are based on the number of girls who participate in the sale. Older girl troops who opt out of receiving recognitions will receive the following:

Per Registered Girl Average* Award Amount Per Girl Who Sold
100-199.99 $10.00
200-299.99 $20.00
300-399.99 $30.00
400 or more $40.00

The Troop Leader must submit an older girl permission form with their final payment to the council for every girl in the troop in order to receive additional proceeds and it must be a decision made by the entire troop. Troops who choose this option give up the ability to receive girl recognitions and to use cookie camp credits (including transferring cookie camp credits to sisters). Multilevel troops only qualify for the Older Girl Proceeds if the entire troop are Cadettes or older. A separate proceeds check will be mailed to the leader at the completion of the sale.

*All Per Girl Averages are based on registered girls in the troop. Older Girl Proceeds distributed are based on the number of girls who participate in the sale. 

What Girls Earn

Click here for the PDF version of the Girl Recognitions!

What are Summer Camp Cookie Credits?

For the 2021 Cookie Program GSSNE have made adjustments to the Summer Camp Cookie Credit ranges to bring us into better compliance with GSUSA and IRS guidelines. Camperships will also still be available to those who need them. GSSNE aims to ensure that any Girl Scout who wants to go to camp has that opportunity, regardless of her family’s ability to pay!

Cookie credits begin at $10 for 50 packages and go up in $5 increments for every 25 packages sold. Credits may be pooled by sisters in the same family (click here for the Camp Cookie Credit Transfer Form). Summer Camp Cookie Credits cannot be transferred outside of families and can only be applied to GSSNE Summer Camp. Camp Cookie Credits expire on September 30, 2021 and cannot be used for troop camping or family camp.

What is Cookie Dough?

Cookie Dough is a credit that is an option for girls to select in lieu of recognitions at certain sales levels. These credits can be used in the GSSNE Council Shop or applied to 2021 GSSNE Summer Camp. Cookie Dough credit is nontransferable.

Cookie Program Online Marketing Policy

No girl, or adult acting on behalf of girl members, can collect money online for Girl Scout products or a money-earning activity online. The exception to this is GSUSA approved product programs.

  • The Girl Scout Product Programs are girl-led programs, and online marketing and sales efforts should always be led by a girl while also being supervised by her parents or caregivers.
  • Friends and family of a girl participating in Girl Scout Product Programs must not market or share a girl’s contact information, sales links, or sales information on online resale sites (examples: Craigslist, yard sale sites, Facebook Marketplace, neighborhood sites, Amazon, or e-Bay). They also should not share their sales link with any news outlets.
  • For safety purposes, girls should consider truncating or removing their last name when using social media sites to protect their identity.
  • Should any online marketing activities be identified as in violation of this policy, GSUSA or GSSNE reserves the right to intervene and request removal or remove the post.
  • To protect your personal identity, NEVER direct message with people you do not know online or on social media platforms.
  • Always use your Girl Scout online sales link for customer orders.
  • Parents or guardians must approve all girl delivered online orders and supervise all communications and product delivery logistics with any customers girl don’t personally know. As a reminder, girls should never deliver cookies alone.
  • If your Girl Scout sales link is posted on a public facing site, be aware the link is now searchable by anyone and could potentially appear anywhere on the internet.
  • Never share your personal information (e.g., last name, phone number, email, or street address).
  • Never share your personal location information, including your booth location.

If engaging in online marketing and sales efforts beyond friends and family, review and apply the Digital Marketing Tips for Cookie Entrepreneurs and Families . Continue to adhere to the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge and Digital Cookie Pledge. You must also review and apply the Supplemental Safety Tips for Online Marketing . All girls participating in online Girl Scout activities should read and sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge

The safety of our members is always our first priority. Please remember to be a sister to every Girl Scout during the cookie program, and at all times. Public sales outside of your service unit should first be cleared with the Product Program Coordinator in that service unit.

Individually Registered Members and the Cookie Program

Individually Registered Members & the Cookie Program

Individually Registered Members (IRM), formerly referred to as Individually Registered Girls (IRG) or Juliettes, can participate in the Cookie Program. Proceeds cannot be paid to IRMs per GSUSA and IRS guidelines. Instead, they earn Cookie Dough credits. They can also still earn recognition items!

If an IRM would like to participate in the Cookie Program, she will be recorded in Smart Cookies under her service unit’s 5000 number troop, for example, 5001 or 5029. Girls who are actively participating in a troop cannot be considered an IRM for the Product Programs. To participate, please contact your service unit’s Cookie Product Program Coordinator or council.

Cookie Dough credits will be awarded to an IRM who sells 100 or more packages of cookies. Cookie Dough credit cannot be transferred to another Girl Scout and cannot be replaced or refunded.

Cookie Dough can be used in our council shop or applied to GSSNE Summer Camp. Cookie Dough expires on September 30, 2021.

Packages Sold  Cookie Dough Earned
Level 1: 100-199.99 packages  $25
Level 2: 200-349.99 packages $50
Level 3: 350-499.99 packages $75
Level 4: 500+ packages $100
Girl Delivered Option in ABC Smart Cookies

How do I take a Girl Delivered order?

When girls send e-cards to friends and family through ABC Smart Cookies, they have the option of offering their customers a Girl Delivery. This is great for friends and family who are close by or you will be seeing soon to order cookies without paying shipping fees. Check out this video for more information about the girl experience in ABC Smart Cookies, including the Girl Delivered option:

First launched in 2019, girls now have the ability to take credit cards straight through the ABC Smart Cookies website or app when they deliver their girl delivered orders. Here's how: 

  • Go into "my orders", "take cookie order". 
  • Enter the order
  • Click "delivered" and "paid". 
  • It will then bring up the option of credit card. Girls can enter the card information on the next screen. The credit card information is not stored anywhere! 
  • The payment will get credited directly to the girl and the troop as a payment the same way the direct ship cookies do.  

As of the 2020 cookie season, troops will no longer be responsible for covering the fees associated with using the girl delivered credit card option!

How to check the girl delivered orders for your Girl Scout, troop, or service unit: 

Girls/caregivers can see on the dashboard that their girl has a girl delivered order under the "packages sold" section. To view details of the order, go to "my orders" and "manage my orders". It will list all the orders she has and there's an option that says "print report" which will detail the packages sold, customer info, etc.

Troop leaders and Product Program Coordinators can look up this information through a report. Go to “reports”,  “orders”,  then “mobile and ecard summary”. This will show you what was ordered through girl delivered and through direct ship. Troop leaders will need to account for the girl delivered orders when they place orders with their PSCs, just like you account for paper order cards. 

Additional information regarding Girl Delivered orders will be coming soon for the 2021 season!

GSSNE In-Time Trainings for Troop Leaders & Troop Cookie Volunteers

Join us for a just-in-time cookie training! These trainings are for troop leaders and troop cookie managers. All trainings will be at 6pm. 

  • December 9th: ABC Overview: We will take you through the ABC Smart Cookies system. View Recording (passcode cookies21)
  • December 23rd: COVID Cookie Season Safety: This training will give you all the information you need on how to stay safe at booths, deliveries, and more during the pandemic. View Recording (passcode cookies21)
  • January 6th: Reorders & Booths: We will discuss reorders, as well as how to enter the booth lottery and the new virtual booth option. View Recording (passcode cookies21)
  • January 20th: Payment Options: We will run through all the different payment options available. View Recording (passcode cookies21)
  • February 3rd: Girl Scout Cookie Weekend: This training will discuss some fun promotions from GSUSA and GSSNE for National Cookie Weekend. View Recording (passcode cookies21)
  • February 17th: Entrepreneur Family Pins & Badges: We will go into more detail about the Entrepreneur Family Pins & Badges. View Recording (passcode cookies21)
  • March 3rd: One Month Left & Finishing Up: This training will discuss a last-minute push for the season and wrapping up the program. View Recording (passcode cookies21)

Topic: Just in time trainings

Time: 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 914 3056 5009

Passcode: 094916

Find your local number:

Download and import the iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.