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One More Girl

Wouldn’t it be great if every Girl could join a Girl Scout troop? Some girls don’t have the opportunity because they can’t find one in their area. By welcoming one more girl into your troop, you offer her a sense of belonging and the chance to develop courage and confidence to try new things and take the lead.

We can offer girls and volunteers easy access to troop membership with your help. By listing your troop openings in the Opportunity Catalog, families can select your troop—if it meets their location and scheduling requirements. Take a peek at the live Opportunity Catalog by using your zip code to search for girl or adult troop opportunities.

Opportunity Catalog FAQs

What is the Opportunity Catalog?

The Opportunity Catalog is an online listing of open troops that caregivers can view and select from during the online registration process. It is organized by zip code and shows available troop options for Girls as well as available volunteer roles for adults.

To ensure caregivers are seeing current troop information, Troop Leaders should use the Opportunity Catalog Update form whenever there are changes to their troop’s information.

If you’d like to join Girl Scouts, you can view the Opportunity Catalog to find the best troop option for your girl.

How does the Opportunity Catalog work?

At the beginning of every Girl Scout year, and anytime information changes, troop leaders will use the Opportunity Catalog Update form to submit the information they’d like caregivers to see when viewing troop options during their online registration. Once a girl selects a troop and completes registrations, the troop leader will receive an automated notification. Once the troop is full, it will no longer appear in the catalog.

If you’d like to join Girl Scouts, you can view the Opportunity Catalog to find the best troop option for your girl.

What information will my troop’s listing include?

Listings in the Opportunity Catalog include troop number, grade levels, location, meeting schedule, and the number of openings remaining for girls and volunteers. Troop leaders should indicate their preference on the Opportunity Catalog Update form. Prospective members clicking on the troop description link will see general information about your troop.


What am I committing to by adding my troop’s information?

The goal of the Opportunity Catalog is to make it easier for girls to join a troop and for adults to find compatible volunteer opportunities. Once you list opportunities for your troop, you must accept all new girl(s) who enroll until your troop reaches capacity.

What if I don’t know the girl/volunteer that joins my troop?

One of the best parts of Girl Scouting is having the opportunity to make new friends! Troop leaders should encourage their girls and families to whole-heartedly welcome each new girl that joins your troop.

Are there troop size requirements? What if there are special circumstances?

We ask each troop to welcome a minimum of 12 girls to provide a diverse and interactive experience for all. We understand there may be circumstances that make this impractical or challenging. If your troop has special circumstances, please contact us to discuss.

What if I have an opening mid-year?

If a girl leaves your troop, please contact us so council can update her role (to another council, troop, or as an individually registered member).

What if my troop is at capacity?

If you already have 12 girls and someone is looking to join your troop, in the spirit of inclusion, please consider adding her to your roster. Contact us to add one more girl to your troop. There is no troop maximum as long as troops meet adult-to-girl ratios as listed in the Volunteer Essentials guide.